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Yesterday, the NPA dominated council made a smart decision. They rejected calls by misguided activists for a Moratorium on substandard housing in the Downtown Eastside. The vote went 6-4. Vision Vancouver Councillors supported this Moratorium motion which would have entrenched the poor and downtrodden in unsafe, dangerous, unhealthy and unacceptable deplorable conditions.

Which brings me to the next point. I have been receiving a number of posts from a blogger named Sean Orr, who disagreed with my position, which was my desire for Council not to pass the Moratorium. This blogger has taken a number of liberties which questioned my commitment to assisting my neighbors in the historic Oldtown area. He even went on to suggest I was being insensitive to the poor.

Of course when others who suddenly jump on a bandwagon which this blogger has and then feels it necessary to impugn my efforts, as anyone who knows me will testify, I usually fire back. So not wanting to engage in a pissing match, I am always astounded though when these Johnny come lately's think they are all so politically correct.

Its interesting how this blogger stated his commitment to assisting people in the Downtown Eastside. He rattles on, affirming his credibility by stating he was a former alcoholic, participated in Woodsquat, was a Green party candidate, donates to PIVOT and supports the Anti Poverty GANG.

But I have uncovered a discrepancy in his commitment to his cause. Which is usually typical of those who are ever so righteous.

Mr. Orr is adamant that these fleabag Hotels not be allowed to convert, yet he hosted an event at a well known Downtown Eastside hotel which did move out its lower income citizens as it converted to the more lucrative Tourist use. Moreover, he continues to promote events at this Hotel. Of course he has no problems supporting the Hotel. Could it be that he tossed aside his principles to make a buck?

It also seems odd that when he wants to line his own pocket, he sells prominent ad space to an Multi-National Corporation, BMW on the Blog for which he is an Editor/Owner.

Actually, I find it obscene on his Blog cover page, he has a very large photo of the new style Mini car parked at Gassy Jack Square. He seems to be promoting automobile use on the most historic area of the city and on its quaint cobblestone lined junction too boot. An area where citizens often gather, posing for pictures. Tsk Tsk. And from a Green party candidate at that. Go figure.

On another front, advocate Stephanie Smith, who calls herself a former employee for APC/Dera has written a number of posts to me. Articulating her credibility, she goes on to say that she may even be considered a somewhat disgruntled former employee. Then she goes on to defend the APC/Dera Gang. Of course she also feels it necessary to attack my credibility by saying my comments have less impact due to my speaking out certain truths about the APC/Dera Gang.

And does anyone wonder why the Downtown Eastside remains such a troubled mess?

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 1:12 AM, Anonymous dirk said...

I understand your position on SOR's.
But opposition to conversion is not about entrenching sub standard housing.I have lived in the area and in SOR's(in the very recent past).I am well acquainted with the area and have many friends still living there.
Until there is an alternative for those living in the DTES where are they to go should SOR owners decide to convert with the Olympics in mind.Welfare rates give few options or alternatives to those who will be affected.
Is the government going to increase the shelter allowance so those on welfare due to health age,disability etc can afford to rent a proper apartment?
If that was the case and or the government made it a point to help relocate those affected by conversion than conversion would be a non-issue.
But this in all likelihood is not going to happen...
I am all for better housing,but until an alternative exists SORs are still much better than the street or shelters.
As you well know Social housing stocks are very low ever since the government nearly axed new construction.
all studies point to this fact,it will be years before there is enough social housing.
Is there any provisions to help those that will be affected to find housing that is better yet still still affordable?
or is it all about the needs of the owners,without much thought to those living in SOR's
these are legitimate concerns.and I also believe working with the owners,the city,and the government is the best way forward.But at times the city and government make it quit hard to trust,and in many case have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the table.
Indeed ever improvement in the DTES was brought about by years of struggle and the commitment of ordinary people.Who had to force the government and city at times respond to the needs of the people.
I would also acknowledge that the level and type of activism in the DTES has been degraded and there are many who could be described as poverty pimps,and then there are those who are so ideologically motivated that they only seem to want confrontation with the powers that be,even if it affects negatively on the very people in who's name they supposedly are acting for.
Yet I still find myself very skeptical of the city's motivations or its commitment to helping those living in SOR's and the DTES

At 8:02 PM, Anonymous stephanie smith said...

The point is that even though I have problems with both organizations, I try to be even-handed in my criticisms. You jump on whatever piece of ill-founded gossip that comes your way and as a result your credibility is significantly compromised.

If what I posted in comments merited your attention, why didn't you just moderate the post through?

At 6:59 PM, Anonymous dirk said...

First let me say I agree with you on many things.But I have to ask what is smart about Van Council ending the Moratorium.
Are there safe guards for those that might be affected?
Has the city a plan to deal with the possible lose of many low cost housing rooms?
Now not in 2-10 years?
These are legitimate concerns.
I have lived in the area up until quit recently.I know the issues,the conditions,the problems faced by those living in SRA's.
I fail to see how conversion is going to be a positive thing for the people in the DTES.Without safe guards and provisions to help that community with alternative housing.
Perhaps I am wrong or am ignorant of city or government programs aimed at this issue.
If I am,please enlighten me.I respect you as an activist,and as a caring person.But you have still to make a case why this is a positive thing...

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ndtwbyaHello all
Has anyone heard the rumour that at least 7 hotels have pooled money and hired a lawyer to fight the city conversion fee of 15k as unconstitutional ?

At 4:50 AM, Anonymous Sean Orr said...

Wow. You really love to twist things up, so you googled my name, eh? I wonder what I would come up if i did the same to you? I'm not gonna go there. But I will defend myself.
1. I never questioned your commitment, you need to separate personal attacks from political disagreement.
2. I didn't jump on the bandwagon, and you even repeated my defenses. Which you then proceeded to attack.
3. I didn't host PROJECT.
4. No people were displaced from Dominion Hotel. Please get your facts in order before slandering someone's personal reputation on the internet.
5. The art project was in fact about the gentrification of the hotel itself. You can go and rent the room if you like, i believe its #205
6. I never made any money on this project. I am not a promoter of the Lamplighter.
7. I am not the owner of beyond robson, nor am I an editor. You are at risk of libel here. I was not pleased with the ads, and I make no money from the website. I take offense to these accusations, because I've been volunteering for 2 years at Beyond Robson, and now that there is some ad revenue, people complained and now its gone.
8. I find it laughable that you accuse me of promoting automobile use in Gastown, after all I did volunteer for the first ever Car Free Vancouver festival which was held, ironically, in Gastown.

You have proved to me that you are either incompetent or vicious. You made up a number of indictments on my character, inexcusable as a journalist even if they were true.

At 7:37 AM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Sean Sean Sean

You are someone who obviously doesn't have a clear analysis and I'm truly sorry for that.

Your claim, that I personalized issues with you because I pointed out discrepencies in your blog. Ha that is a hoot since you call me incompetent and vicious.

OK so perhaps you are not an owner/editor of Beyond Robson but you are definately affiliated with them.

Yes the Dominion Hotel has converted to Tourist use and you know this FACT. After all you even stated on your blog how the Hotel was gentrified.

Further, I don't believe I've personalized anything about you since I kept to the issues. Of course, not the same can be said in the Comments section of Beyond Robson where an anonymous person was allowed to slag me personally.

And of course, it was fair game of me to point out how Beyond Robson was affiliated with a multi national corporation and was promoting car useage in Gastown with its huge banner ad which has thankfully, now been removed.

Oh and on another front Sean, you go on and on about how you believe people will be mistreated as a result of the Olympics, yet you endorsed Jim Green (not James) for mayor. In case you forgot Sean, Mr Green was a promoter of the Olympics. Mmmm is this another one of those discrepencies Sean in your beliefs.

Sean two words for you - GROW UP

At 3:22 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...


I've said all I'm gonna say. Your latest missive to me doesn't warrant posting on my blog. This behavior is so typical of those associated with APC and Dera, of which you are.

If you want to send posts related to the issues I'll moderate them through. However, I'm not allowing my Blog to be used as a pissing match. Since I have no email for you, I am left with no recourse but to post my reply to you here in the comments section.

Like I said Sean you need to Grow Up and if you disagree with me fine but keep your comments to the issues.

And I post my email so anyone can send me an email if they prefer.


At 12:48 PM, Blogger Matt said...

You know, between the errors made in your personal attacks and the fact that you won't let Sean comment further here, you're not exactly looking all that credible.

At 11:45 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...


There were no personal attacks. I have allowed your friend, Sean to post comments on my blog. However, when he begins sending posts which stray into the personal rather than the issues, people are not interested in that type of mudslinging.

I informed your friend that he was welcome to send comments, however, he needed to say something. That is called dialogue.

My credibility is intact and I don't get too worried if my writing sets someone off.

Thanks for your comment though.

At 7:31 PM, Blogger Matt said...


Baseless and poorly researhed statements regarding someone's principles, character or what have you are personal attacks. If you don't agree with me on that, well, I'm not going to try and convince you because I believe such an effort would be futile.

And, I took issue with the fact that you haven't let Sean comment further. It's good you let him respond in the first place, but blocking his further responses is blocking dialogue any way you slice it, even if what he is saying isn't what you perceive to be "on-topic."

At 2:48 AM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...


Sean has not been banned from posting comments. I chose not to moderate through one of his posts because it was ridiculous and not on topic.

Slag me if you must however, I'm a big girl and can take it.

Thanks again for your post.

At 12:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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