Monday, April 23, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


An outspoken critic of Dera/APC and prostitution crusader for Human Rights, Jamie Lee Hamilton, who Dera was attempting to silence through mis-use of theResidential Tenancy Act, has won her case.

The Arbitrator, hearing the case, even though Dera had submitted numerous entries of my web log as reasons to evict, found that no evidence was provided to back up the claim of defamation.

Dera/APC tried to muzzle my freedom of speech rights and were rebuffed in their efforts.

Really galling and obscene in this case is that the President of the BC Civil Liberties Association, JasonGratl, as legal counsel for Dera, tried to have my weblog posting privileges at Google cancelled. When that failed, he threatened me with a lawsuit and when that went nowhere, He, I allege, advised Dera, to mis-use the legislative power available to landlords in order to silence me. This too has failed and these crass attempts by Mr. Gratl, to quash my Charter and Human Rights will not simply go away.

When the President and Leader of a credible freedom of speech organization, as the BC Civil Liberties Association is, attempts to eliminate my Charter rights in a free and democratic society, this raises serious concerns.

Stay tuned!

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 10:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Whether or not everyone agrees with what you have to say (I sometimes do, I sometimes don't), this is an obvious attempt to silence dissent through eviction. Ironic, and very disconcerting, considering the sources.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Gordon said...

Yes, Congrats!

The BC Civil Liberties Association... is that title supposed to be ironic?

At 5:22 PM, Anonymous dirk said...

Good news Jamie.
I still can not believe DERA had the arrogance to pursue this eviction.
Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental corner stones of democracy.
DERA seems to be in violation of every thing they supposedly stand for,indeed the basic right(Freedom of Expression),that makes it possible for such orgs to exist at all.
It's such displays of opportunism,hypocrisies,and double standards that cause many people to be apathetic and cynical of politics and "activism" in general.


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