Thursday, May 24, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Sadly, it now appears the media, instead of presenting us the public with factual reporting that adheres to journalistic principles of objectivity, fair and balanced reporting has made a decision to toss these values to the wind.

The trashing of government offices on Tuesday, where a couple of helpless female employees were terrorized and CTV consequently presenting us this footage, commissioned by the Anti Poverty group, demonstrates how media or at least CTV has crossed the line regarding journalistic integrity.

Conrad Schmidt, a local documentarist agreed to film APC destroying public property and acting in a wilful manner. The APC enticed Mr. Schmidt to document their violence. Sadly, it appears that Mr. Schmidt was duped and complicit in criminal activity (break and enter) as the APC used false pretenses to gain access to government offices.

Of course, APC knew that by using Mr. Schmidt to document their actions, they had in their view, something to present to a larger audience and hence needed this footage to be out there in the mainstream press.

Enter CTV who purchased Mr. Schmidt's film and in doing so, instead of presenting the public with balanced reporting actually instead presented us with Propaganda of the APC.

This is sad, considering the public desires to be presented with fair and balanced coverage which allows us to make informed responses.

I'm going to give the final word to Conrad Schmidt, who states this,

"I am worried however about this recent action of the APC. I think it is always important for the protestors not to become the thing that they are protesting.Smashing things and breaking things; they started to remind me of the VPD".

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Citizens are not required to report any suspected illegal activity to the police, and neither are any professionals. Networks film riots all the time. Including police brutality. If anything, the police should thank Conrad for the evidence that they will likely use to prosecute the APC.

How Conrad was supposed to provide "balanced reporting" (whatever that is) of 3 people trashing an office is beyond me. Should he have made a citizen's arrest? Yelled "stop that you terrible people!"

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous stephanie said...

Presumably we'll be seeing some of Schmidt's footage in court - he filmed the altercation in city council chambers when Kim Kerr made his infamous comments about Elizabeth Ball's scarf.

Unfortunately for Peter Ladner, the film footage substantiates Kerr's account. No threat was made. I hope Kerr takes Ladner to the cleaners, and I hope that this is the end of Ladner's mayoral ambitions. Anyone who won't back down from a cheap lie and whose political decisions are driven by petty personal hatreds isn't fit for public office, let alone for the mayoralty.


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