Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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I received last night a very interesting post from a CUPE 1004, City of Vancouver striker. He went on to make claims around certain personnel (management) of the City, who he alleges, have stolen items of significance belonging to the City. He names Names and unfortunately due to legal issues, I cannot moderate the post through. However, this anonymous source claims that this is why the City will not allow whistle-blower protection.

I am of the belief that whistle-blower protection is needed in public contracts and in government legislation. The City of Vancouver should have this as a legislative clause in their Vancouver Charter. I suspect its not there and this is most likely why the Union, CUPE 1004 is demanding this item in their bargaining contract.

Whistle-blower protection helps those who have integrity and wish to disclose incidences which breach public trust or are of particular public interest.

Myself, when disclosing illegal and highly immoral matters regarding DERA, paid the price for disclosing this pertinent information. Interestingly, DERA workers belong to CUPE 1004 and boy did they ever come after me for disclosing issues which the public needed to be aware of.

So I am going to follow up on this story with Union leaders and City of Vancouver politicians. Again, I think its vitally important for whistle-blower protection.

I also know though on a personal level that the language needs to protect those from which frivolous or vexatious claims are made as a result of bringing forward legitimate claims.

More to follow on this and I thank the striking worker for bringing this forward.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work at Manitoba works Yard in the Sewers Department and I am also aware of these thefts and illegal activities, more so out of 8 of these so called managers 1 is not affiliated as being an active "MASON MEMBER". Please look in to this Jamie its a real soar spot and an embarasing situation for Judy Rogers and David Boyko to deal with..........Whistleblower clause in contract never going to happen would be a field day for media.


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