Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sean Horlor Shoots off Mouth Again

Oldtown News
Vancouver BC

This Time at Yaletown Brewing Company

Once again Sean Horlor the resident Blogger over at XTRA can now add misogynist to his padded resume.

Mr Horlor recently had lunch at the popular Yaletown Brewing Company and for some idiotic reason thought the 2 piece Halibut and Chips was too expensive. It cost $18.99 in what can be considered a very chic Yaletown hotspot.

Mr Horlor goes on to attack the Yaletown Brewing waitress in his piece by calling her a Bitch because he feels she mislead him about the serving size.

I did a comparison and at Mr Pickwick's take-out in Marpole, the 2 piece halibut n chips was $14.98. Remember though this Mr Pickwick's has no indoor seating. Also at the Fish House in Stanley Park the 2 piece cod n chips is $17.95

So why is Mr Horlor screaming his fool head off?

Well as one commentator has said on this blog, Mr Horlor is part of the wanna play can't pay crowd. In code he wants to be seen as a hip dude at the popular spots around town but he is very cheap.

I must say that when I go to the Yaletown Brewing Company I usually have the halibut and chips, while I dine with the fabulous and handsome owner Mr Mark James and I can honestly say the serving size is very generous and ranks right up there taste-wise with the best fish n chips this City has to offer. Plus the servers and hosts are super friendly and courteous

So check out the Yaletown Brewing Company and have a great brewed Ale with those yummy Fish n Chips. See

Oh and Mr Horlor don't call women bitches. It is very misogynistic in case you didn't know.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too funny!

Still though, in my world, $10.99 is the max I would pay for fish and chips ANYWHERE. I guess I'm not going to YBrewing anytime soon.

But then again, I don't need to be seen. I'm happy with my life.

Come to my house for homemade fish and chips, I won't charge you !

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

That is funny! Where can you get fish n chips for $10.99 now?

i agree some of us don't need to be seen and then there is Horlor!

House made fish n chips sounds interesting! Are they baked or fried?

At 2:56 PM, Anonymous SF said...

He would never admit it and would kill me for saying this but I know for a fact he's broke. A number of his friends are not too far behind him in that regard.

But as long as he's seen around town I guess he figures its going to lead to something. lol

I also thought journalists weren't supposed to receive freebies from businesses and the like in order for a mention in the news. Might want to look into that.

Whenever I've gone to I've noticed the blogger for Toronto is a far better read, informative. He's not rude, or mean. He actually promotes the city and is not is dried up for material.

What I love too about people like Sean Horlor is they instantly call people that don't go with their ideals or dare speak up to them...haters.
That word is used too frequently, first of all he would have to have a following, be even a bit popular and actually have something to say that is recognized.

Maybe being deep in debt is getting to him. Its sad how that part of the community needs to cover up their insecurities with booze and drugs. It takes away any creativity they thought they had.

Don't kill me Sean if you recognize this, you are just difficult to talk too when it comes to reality.

At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

really? this is the best you can come up with ? seriously going out to price fish and chips and then name drop.. shit this is one hurting blog..why not write something a little less petty and with respect to the other comments on here just as lame attacking some guy over a dumb blog ..commenting on financial situation.. lame indeed peace out tranny

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Anonymous 2:58

You really don't get it do you. Mr Horlor has put down marginalized people on his blog at Xtra, he calls women misogynistic names and then puts down a popular Yaletown eatery because he wasn't treated like the 'scene star' that he delusionally thinks he is.

Moreover who went out to price fish n chips? With a click of a mouse you can find out prices in a few minutes. What age are you living in. And everyone is entitled to express their opinions on my blog and which I moderated through your ridiculous comments which clearly demonstrates the type of supporters Mr Horlor has.


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