Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


MP for Vancouver Centre Dr Hedy Fry responding to criticism that Abolitionist speakers were exclusively chosen as guest speakers for this coming weekend's Liberal Women's Breakfast asserts the Women were selected due to their involvement with transitional houses.

Lee Lakeman, one speaker is a public transphobe who wrecked havoc on the life of Kimberly Nixon who was evicted from counselling at Rape Relief because she is a transformed women and according to Lakeman and others, not a real woman. Moreover, Ms Lakeman erased Kimberley Nixon female status by continuously and publicly referring to her in the press as male.

With the recent MP Bill Siksay Transsexual and Transgender human rights Bill before the House why oh why Hedy would you choose someone of this ilk as a speaker. Don't you know that any Transition Houses that Ms Lakeman is associated with have a policy of rejecting transgender people from accessing their services? This includes Rape Relief who you also have chosen to speak at the breakfast.

Another Abolitionist, Trisha Baptie is not involved in Transitional Houses and in fact is founder of Honour Ministries which is directly allied with Rape Relief and the local Grandview Calvary Church who are all allies and working with a number of right-wing USA fundamentalist christian right groups.

This is shocking Hedy. Real shocking Dr Fry!

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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