Friday, July 30, 2010

Hate Messaging Does Not Belong in Pride

Hi Friends and Supporters

I just became aware of this Anti Israel Group marching in our Pride parade on Sunday and I am upset regarding their hate messaging. So far the Pride President Mr Ken Coolen has dove for cover on this matter and is saying Nothing. Please read my quick piece and spread the word.


I am somewhat displeased that a group marching in our Pride Parade instead of marching in support of rights for queer Palestinians is instead using our freedom day parade to attack a state known for supporting women and gay rights.

It seems to me that if those individuals who are in support of an Islam state which has a deplorable record of squashing women and gay rights, wishes to express themselves, they would be better heard if they chose to focus their efforts on condemning the leadership of Palestine instead of attacking Israel.

Pride has always been about our struggles and the hard fought wins we have achieved. And many of us are very proud that Israel is the only Arab state with a positive gay rights record.

So why is our Pride leadership saying nothing regarding a group in our parade whose sole purpose it seems is to spread hate, in this case, hate directed at Israel and the Jewish people?

It really is clear that the Vancouver chapter of Vancouver Queers against Israel are people from the hard left who despise Israel and are using our parade to spread their thinly veiled anti-semitism and shame on our queer media for providing a platform for this hate group and not providing any balance whatsoever.

Imagine if a group of Nazi queers marched in our parade carrying signs of Hitler. Would we also support this saying Queer Nazis have the right to express themselves even if the message is one of hate? I think many are aware how Hitler deposed many gay and transsexual/transgender people to the gas chambers, as he did Jewish people.

Our parade needs to stand in solidarity with our Israel born friends and denounce groups who are intent on spewing hate whether it is against us or our friends.

This group Vancouver Queers against Israel has an agenda and their signs which call Israel an Apartheid state is in extreme poor taste and could possibly be illegal under the Hate Crimes of Canada legislation.

Perhaps Chief Jim Chu of the Vancouver Police Department who will also be marching in the parade needs to investigate and determine whether this group is in fact spreading hate.

Jamie Lee Hamilton

"I believe you change the world One man at a time"


At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Kevin Dale McKeoewn said...

And I see our local Islamic queer community will be marching with them. What would their response be to a contingent of "Queers Against Islam"?

I can't imagine they would be silent in the face of such "racism".

Yet to the best of my knowledge homosexuality is a criminal offence in every Islamic society but one, a capital offence in many, and it is only (pending outcomes in Uganda) Islamic cultures that still punish homosexuals by executing them.

Israel has much to answer for in its treatment of Palestinians, as do Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebannon and the rest of the Arab world (don't see many queers protesting THAT).

But that ain't the fight this old Irish queer was choosing sides for in the 60s and 70s when we built the foundation for this weekend's Pride celebrations, and I wish they would just stay home and keep their cup of bile to themselves.

Will the world never see an end to this bitterness between two irreconcilable factions of a primitive and arguably psychotic desert religion?

Not in my lifetime, I'm sure.

At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I strongly suggest educating yourself more before speaking like this.
The state of israel is trying to pinkwash what is happening and it seems to have worked for you. They are trying to sell it as a gay tourist spot. do you think gay palestinians are encouraged to relax in their resorts?
where did you get the information that anyone from qaia are pro islam? that is strait out misinformation.
there are jewish people in the group. it is not hate against jews. it is hate against the israeli military occupation of palestine. the group is led by jewish people!! it is probably one of the only groups in canada where jews and palestinians are working together on this issue!
i feel you are coming from a place of ignorance so please educate yourself. vancouver qaia is marching because of what happened in toronto around the gay pride that just happened. many communities, including jewish communities fought for the right of QAIA to march in toronto pride.
there are no hate placards.
what is hatefull about saying we stand with queers in palestine?
i'm not jewish or palestinian but i firmly stand agaisnt all colonization everywhere. i dont beleive because a few rich gays can hang out on a resort in israel means we should shut up. i dont beleive anyone is truly free untill we are all free.
i am marching with qaia because i am filled with love for freedom and i fight for it wherever necesary.


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