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Recently, the Tyee presented a negative article on Sam
Sullivan written by editor David Beers. In the opinion
piece which attempts to mask itself as a story, it has the
Police Union Head and the Silly Mayor calling into
question whether Sam Sullivan can Chair the Police
board as Mayor due to perceptions of alleged judgement
lapses on the part of Sam Sullivan. But what about the Mayor who tried to put
forward the name of a Lawyer for Police Board
Appointment who was facing disciplinary proceedings. In fact, subsequently, this lawyer was disciplined by the law society for professional misconduct.

Enjoy the letter folks!

Jamie Lee

December 30, 2004

An Open Letter to Vancouver City Councilors

Dear Councilors,

I am writing this letter in regard to a disturbing
news report published by the Georgia Straight on
December 30, 2004.

In this news brief, it mentions that Mayor Larry
Campbell's office had put forward the name of Randeep
Singh Sarai in December,2004 to fill the vacated
police board position.

A number of serious issues have surfaced as a result
of Mayor Larry Campbell's recommendation. Considering
Mr Singh Sarai is facing disciplinary action with the
Law Society of B.C., one is left wondering why the
Mayor deems it appropriate to put forward his name.

As many of you are aware, the whole of City council,
in-camera, either approves or rejects the
recommendation put forward by the Mayor.

According to Mr Singh Sarai, in the Straight article,
he suggests the Mayor is informed of his legal
troubles. What is deeply alarming though is whether
this information was put before you as a council by
the Mayor when exercising your secret vote. This
question needs answering.

While in-camera items are to remain confidential, this
whole issue raises a major concern around the issue of
public trust.

If this background information on one of the police
board nominees wasn't placed before you, it appears
that the Mayor and his office have placed councilors
in a compromising position. It has the potential of
calling into question, the integrity of all council

I think it important that councilors need to
immediately answer whether the integrity of their
public trust offices has been compromised.

You may reply to me via email tricia_foxx@yahoo.com


Jamie Lee Hamilton
Downtown Eastside Resident


At 2:05 PM, Anonymous raj p takhar said...

In regards to the serai appt to the vacant vancouver police board, its heartless to fuel the fires ofg local picture as emerging.
I have llot of respect for Jamie Lee Hamilton, and would say that she desist from making accusation such at Mr. sarai's absolute guilt before being heard systematically before as charged.
Mr. campbell has right to exercise his appointment and is not obligated as warranted by jamie, in all fair plays.
But appts to any body is far from controversy is should not be used to milk own's cow of political stripes.
This is unfortunate.
All parties, vis a vis:- Ms. hamilton, mr. sarai, and mr. campbell are obliged to their actions as they seem right.
all i can say in defence to our embattled out going Mayor Campbell, is my regret that he has been utterly used as a punch-bag, in all capacities.
This ain't fair at all.
time will tell the outcome of appointment by mayor campbell of mr. Sarai, in due course, untill then we can only be entitled to our opinions in all fairness without any bias.
I hope jamie can use her better ways of corresssponding her true convictions, without casting blame, but try objectivity, a fast value deteriorating in our local finger pointing escapades.
i pray saner heads prevail.
on the whole mr. Sarai is trying to bring betyter fair play, as finds himself excrutiatingly at odds with thevraising of all coloured bars in all retrospect.
Peace on earth, peoples, and that includes OUR vancouver, Dearest Jamie.
Dear thank the mayor for his public service he'd be damned pleased, lest you forget.
Compassion may reign without prejudice vancouver, this i pray, ALL !


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