Thursday, December 15, 2005


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Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver-East has moved on from the Lady-In-Waiting role and now has competition in the form of one burly, outspoken yet compassionate working stiff named Dave Haggard. Mr Haggard was formerly the IWA President and he know what it means to work hard, pay bills, put food on the table and support a family.

It should be a very interesting race since both Ms Davies and Mr. Haggard are both equally worthy individuals deserving to represent constituents of Van-East.

The defining issue between the two will come down to Van-East either having a passionate opposition voice in parliament vs a compassionate action oriented leader in government.

Ms Davies no doubt really cares for the downtrodden in her riding and the same goes for Mr. Haggard. Where these two leaders will probably differ is on the best method to create real change which will ultimately provide benefit to the citizens of Van-East. Ms Davies has become extremely popular due to her passion concerning poverty in her riding. The looming question is whether this passion results in any fundamental change for the poorer inhabitants of Van-East.

This blogwriter happens to believe that positive change will come for Van-East by electing a political representative who is actively involved in government. Government representatives hold the reins of power and it is them who implement policies which rule our lives.

The NDP, at least federally has always played the third party role in Canada's political system. A strong majority of Canadians do not prefer the NDP to be the governing party and this means, citizens of Van-East who desire change will probably desire change on who represents them.

This desire for change will obviously favour Mr. Haggard who has a real chance of affecting social change since the Liberal party of which he belongs has been for most of Canada's history, the natural governing party. Citizens of Canada seem to trust the Liberals the most when it comes to making political decisions on behalf of the people.

Good luck to both Ms Davies and Mr. Haggard in what will be a closely fought election for the votes of Van-East.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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