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According to an NDP insider, MP Libby Davies is jumping for joy. No not for the glamorpuss Joy MacPhail, but seriously, Libby has learned through a Liberal insider, that her competition will be a relative unknown to the riding of Van-East. According to the anonymous source, a known individual within the Chinese community is usually not a known quantity outside of it and therefore not much of a threat to Davies.

Further, the insider claims the NDP are ready to jump for joy as the source goes on to say that the Liberals may make a strategic blunder since a Liberal chinese candidate against Libby Davies, will most likely be played out in the Vancouver-Centre riding where Liberal MP Dr.Hedy Fry is in a tight race against former NDP MP, Svend Robinson. Apparently, according to the anonymous source, Libby is certain of her win against a Chinese contestant and that she plans to campaign frequently with her best friend, Svend, in Van-Centre.

This could spell disaster for the Liberals, because while Hedy Fry is popular and one-on-one against Svend, chances of her winning the Van-Centre riding again is likely. But according to the well-placed NDP insider, Hedy up against Libby and Svend will be a mismatch. Plus according to the source, Jim Green will be deployed to assist Svend and Libby in all out battle to unseat Ms. Fry. The source claims the NDP desperately want Van-Centre for Svend and they are even re-directing Libby's volunteers to assist Svend in Van-Centre.

This could be a terrible mistake for the BC Liberal team, as a Liberal source claims that a few potential candidates like Laura McDiarmid, Colleen Hardwick, Lea Johnson and the wildly popular former IWA boss, David Haggard, and well respected former Mayor, Philip Owen would provide for a more even match against Libby Davies. This would ensure, Ms Davies staying put in her Van-East riding. The NDP source goes on to articulate that if Libby Davies was up against a strong candidate, Jim Green would need to stay in Van-east in order to save the seat for Ms Davies.

The only thing certain in all this, is my readers will see within a few hours how the backroom strategists of both parties play this chess game.

Stay tuned folks!

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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