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As I stated in an earlier post, depending on who runs for the federal Liberals in Van-East, could either benefit or sink the campaign of wildly popular incumbent Liberal MP Dr Hedy Fry in Van-Centre.

It has come to the attention of this blogwriter that a poossible candidate for the Liberal party in van-East is from the conservative chinese community. He is pulling out all the stops to be a candidate.

The problem is this. Said candidate is a former elected official who supported a far-right chinese christian group who was opposed to the implementation of gay friendly materials in our public school system. In fact, this potential candidate's name surfaced in a Christian Newsletter supporting the group who led opposition to our schools being gay friendly.

If this candidate receives the green light, poor Hedy Fry would be under attack from gay activists all across Canada. Of course, former Queer NDP MP, Svend Robinson and current Lesbian NDP MP, Libby Davies would play this card to death. I can see the headlines being splashed across the mainstream presses saying how the Liberals are running someone who is opposed to same sex marriage and equality.

Hedy's campaign could as a result, wind up in the toilet and this would be so sad, considering Hedy and the Liberal party has long championed the rights of gays and lesbians. Moreover, according to an anonymous source in the Conservative party, Stephen Harper wouldn't come across nearly as scary as the Liberals project him to be.

stay tuned folks!

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 12:36 AM, Anonymous DAvid said...'re right JHL.

It just comes to show that anybody...and i mean anybody can run for public office.

That's why Canada is in the pickle it's in. A former Marxist Leninist-cum- NDP-Head-cum-Liberal Health Minister betraying his people; a Prime Minister who keeps his loonies (more ways than one) in Liechtenstein and pays no taxes to Liberia; kick backs, sponsorships, (read: theft), corruption, Homophobes and more.

Now East Van... with the great ethnic hope up to represent the Libs. This opportunistic Gay hater East Van wannabe should get a taste of his own sick venom.

Oh ... the sad sacks...formerly known as the great Liberal party, how it's become the shadow of it's great past. If we can just throw all these bums in jail (and I really mean it... with criminal charges) , maybe it would brighten up the old party.


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