Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Well the Non Partisan Association (NPA), the Vancouver ruling municipal party should have quite the meeting tonite. Arriving members will be subjected to taunts, rants and raves of the lunatic fringe, the APC.

The APC are a bunch of out-of-province younger adults who hail from white middle-class and privileged homes. They have ridden into the Oldtown district, thinking they know what's best for the long-term residents of Vancouver's poverty stricken Oldtown. Many of APC don't live in Oldtown except perhaps lawyers and prominent members, David Eby and Jason Gratl, who reside in luxury condos in Gastown.

The APC do not resemble at all, the honourable protest movements and proud warriors of Vancouver's past, who gathered in Oldtown to voice their political concern.

Whether it was the Relief Camp workers who camped out in Victory Square to protest their harsh working conditions or the young men who by the thousands gathered on the Powell Street Grounds, drawing attention to rampant unemployment, these protesters were successful because they demonstrated peacefully and through their actions enlisted the support of the public which brought the attention of politicians.

The APC, on the other hand with their potty mouth rhetoric do nothing to endear themselves to the public or politicians. In fact this rogue group brings a bad name to the law abiding lower income citizens of Oldtown.

If the APC and Dera really want to make a difference, they first need to get rid of their leaders David Cunningham and Kim Kerr, who are bringing them down.

Regardless of which area of the city you reside, the social issue of homelessness no doubt is a concern for us all. Unfortunately, this serious matter gets lost amid the juvenile tactics and criminal actions deployed by APC/Dera gang.

As former Vancouver Alderman, George Puil once said to Bruce Eriksen, one of the founders of Dera, if you think you can do better then run.

Bruce ran and won.

I don't believe I'll see the day though when either Mr. Cunningham or Mr. Kerr can run and win. Bullies never usually do.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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