Thursday, May 24, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


The APC gang who are newcomers to the Oldtown area and hail from out of province, do not have the support they think they do. In fact a number of close allies are beginning to distance themselves from the APC.

APC has made a name for itself not so much from assisting the improverished but through a propaganda platform which a duped media played into.

Recently, the APC, who are a bunch of really angry 20 year old somethings, stepped up their bizarre outbursts, which serves no useful purpose in assisting the poor. Their recent violent actions and manipulation of the media, obviously isn't sitting well with the public or even their own supporters.

In a column written by Brian Hutchinson in today's National Post, Conrad Schmidt, an anti-Olympics filmmaker who documented many of the APC actions, essentially has called the APC liars.

In an email exchange with this blogwriter, Mr. Schmidt, claims that the APC have gone too far and on a personal level was troubled in how the APC terrorized a couple of innocent female workers. Mr. Schmidt, a sympathizer of APC is not alone in his critcism.

David Eby, a prominent lawyer who has defended APC on numerous occassions is now claiming that individuals haven't been evicted from their SRO homes, as a result of the Olympics. Interestingly, this has been the primary propaganda of the APC. Shocking, here is their lawyer, stating on the May 24, 2007 CTV newscast that only one hotel closure in Oldtown could be considered as Olympic related. Further, as far as anyone knows, none of the residents of that Hotel were made homeless.

Former Councillor Jim Green whether you like him or not (I don't for good reason) , in 1986, was successfully bringing to the public's attention, how Expo was causing mistreatment and displacement of the poor. I was so proud of him in those days.

In that time period I worked alongside Mr. Green day and night, protesting at the Hotels who were evicting long-term residents in favor of Expo tourists. Mr. Green on the CTV telecast challenged the APC to produce the people who supposedly have been rendered homeless as a result of the Olympics.

CTV to its credit, took their cameras to the street, interviewing one man who appears homeless and high on drugs. This individual clearly stated he was homeless due to other reasons and not as a result of the Olympics.

The APC must be visibly shaken as their friends seem to be turning away from them.

I suspect we are beginning to see the start of the APC crumble.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 2:03 PM, Anonymous EastsideExplorer said...

This is interesting. I have been trying to catch up on what the different sides are to this story, as I basically paid little attention to local news as of late.

Thanks for this.


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