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Tonight I received a post from Judy McGuire, longtime general manager at DEYAS who now works for Network 2. She provides an insightful perspective on my piece, I Have a Confession, especially around the late John Turvey's position on the murdered women's cases.

It is timely and relevant so I have posted it here below in Bold. Thanks Judy--JLH

Hi Jamie Lee.

Just read your piece on Pickton, which I found quite thoughtful. However I want to make one correction. John’s point was not that there wasn’t a serial killer; he maintained (as did I and some others) that there was likely more than one around, given the number of women involved and the fact that not all fit the same pattern. In fact, DEYAS, which produced the Bad Date Sheet through all those years, in collaboration with Dave Dickson, Deb Mearns and the Neighbourhood Safety Office and some others were also raising alarm bells about the number of women going missing long before sufficient resources were brought into play to really connect the dots in the investigation.

I think those of us intimately involved were all pushing in our own ways. DEYAS and the Safety Office worked with WISH to set up Safety Nights once a month for the women and were strongly involved from the first steps in the investigation. I know you were out there too and good for you for being so. It’s all too sad and frankly I think far more money should have been directed many years ago to helping the women move off the street and stabilize their lives. Too many were victimized ultimately because they had no other options but the street.

Thanks for the blog. Always interesting.

Take care,


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