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Vancouver, BC

A Slap-In-The-Face to Female Workers

The opposition group at City Hall, Vision Vancouver, through one of its Councillors, George Chow has announced they will be voting in favour of mediator Brian Foley's recommendations regarding the current City of Vancouver strike. This even though two of the three striking locals rejected Mr. Foley's recommendations.

Council will vote in-camera on Wednesday, October, 10 and the position taken by Vision must be raising alarm bells for CUPE leaders.

Councillor Chow announced to CKNW, perhaps prematurely, that Vision Councillors individually reviewed over the weekend Mediator Foley's recommendations and then met and collectively made a decision to support the recommendations.

The Vision support of the Foley recommendation around the gender pay equity issue means they don't appear to support pay equity in the workplace and is a slap-in- the-face to Library workers who are primarily female and fighting tooth and nail to achieve this gender fairness right.

Moreover, this position of Vision must be quite alarming for the other opposition party, COPE, who have had a longstanding policy of supporting pay equity. How the position taken by Vision will endear them to COPE in negotiations between these two municipal parties as they struggle to come together in an electoral coalition for the 2008 municipal campaign should prove quite interesting.

And let there be no mistake around the Foley recommendation surrounding pay equity.

The bargaining committee of CUPE 391-Library workers, said the recommendations fell far short of achieving pay equity.

How Vision will now respond should be interesting.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 4:07 PM, Blogger Todd Wong said...

The Vancouver City Council is NOT voting on the recommendations for the Library workers - only the Vancouver Public Library Board members.

Vancouver City Council is only voting on recommendations for CUPE 15 inside workers and CUPE 1004 outside workers.

The Brian Foley recommendations are 39 pages long and only the last 7 or so pages are on library issues.

CUPE 391 Library workers voted 78.1% against the Brian Foley recommendations. Chair of the CUPE 391 Bargaining committee said that they hope the Foley recommendations can become the starting point for a library settlement.

I wrote up an article on

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Well according to various media reports Council voted on all three deals.

You might want to check your facts Todd and I'll also attempt to get clarification.

At 9:52 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Todd I triple checked and Council voted on all the recommendations including the CUPE 391-Library Workers one. Even Councillor Tim Stevenson of Vision said on News1130 that it was important to vote on all the recommendations which they did.


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