Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


In response to Sikh Leader, Balwant Singh Gill hate comments directed at Vancouver's Gay community, a number of GLBT Community Leaders are coming together in a Summit style gathering to address the statements made by Mr. Gill.

The Summit will be co-chaired by former City Councillor, Alan Herbert and First Nations/Trans activist, Jamie Lee Hamilton.

The meeting will take place at 3pm on Friday, December 21, 2007 in the PRIDE boardroom offices at 1033 Davie Street, Suite 603.

All GLBT members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous mh said...

A quote from Honorary G.Clark from Legislative Assembly 07/15/99 regarding Mr.Gill (3rd session 36th parliament)

" It's my privilege today to make three different introductions, if the House will bear with me. First, sitting in the gallery today is Balwant Singh Gill. Mr. Gill has been president of the Guru Nanak Sikh Temple in Surrey-Delta for the past four years. He is a very prominent leader in the Indo-Canadian community and also one of the significant human rights activists in the community. He has done tremendous work promoting democracy, freedom of speech and human rights. I know he's familiar to many members of the House.

Mr. Gill is a man of principle. We feel that his participation on the Human Rights Advisory Council will be a great benefit to the government because he is aware of many of the issues that face us. Mr. Gill has worked in various fields in his life. He was in the Indian army as an engineer in the Bengal engineers group. He has worked in the copper mines in Port Hardy as an electrical engineer. He has been around British Columbia; he owned his own trucking business. Balwant Singh Gill is a good friend of all British Columbians, and I ask the House to make him most welcome.

In addition, I have here three friends of mine from my East Vancouver neighbourhood: Ron Donkersloot and his son Anton and daughter Katy. Ron is principal of the Vancouver Christian School, a community Christian school in my neighbourhood, and has just spent a year at Regent College at UBC on a leave. He really does outstanding work. I'd like the House to make him and his kids welcome."

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy Balwant Gill, that made anti-gay commnets is a communist sympathizer who fled India during the Naxalite movement in the 60's and 70's. He is notorious for not following Sikh religious code for temple presidents, he shaves, doesn't wear a turban and calls himself a moderate Sikh and is a heavy drinker. He and his comrades control the Surrey sikh temples(there are several but this group controls only one)....he is not religious by any means and wants temple presidentship cuz of the money it brings to him and his faction. Most real sikhs avoid his temple and organization. He never misses an opportunity to slant turban wearing sikhs or the ones that wear 5 k's of sikhism. He brands them terrorists, he is actively encouraged by the conservative media outlets in Vancouver like Vancouver Sun, Global BC and CKNW. In fact Vancouver Sun the paper notorious for anti-Sikh propaganda since the 1950's(there is even a Unesco research study 'Sikhs of Vancouver' that cites the anti sikh bigotry spread by the Sun through the years) brands him as the spokesperson for sikhs, which is not true at all. World Sikh organization represents the sikh commmunity and it supports gay rights and equality, more recently World Sikh Organization has supported gay marraige in Canada as a matter of equality. This guy and his beloved Sun reporter Kim Bolan were behind the smear agaist first Canadian born turbaned sikh Member of Parliament Navdeep Bains of the Liberal Party, that got Prime Minister Stephen Harper into trouble in Feb 2007. Kim Bolan gives him so much credence as he feeds her with stories about his chief opponents who happen to be disliked by the conservative media and their audience cuz of their Turbans and beards and are termed fundamentalists. Navdeep Bains was the first Sikh MP to publicly defend gay marraige when Balwant Gill tried to get a edict issued from the supereme sikh body in India against gay marraige. Even though Sikhism doesnt mention homosexuality at all. Above all the religion teaches 100% equality for all that is why Sikh temples have 4 doors that open in 4 directions which is symbolic of ppl from all directions(neighborhoods, countries) comig in. The so called fundamentalists actually don't condemn homosexuality, while these moderates(branded by the Sun) like Gill are actually homophobes like their conservative protagonists in the media.


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