Monday, August 09, 2010

Xtra Blogger Sean Horlor Backtracks Bigtime

Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

Xtra Blogger Sean Horlor Backtracks Bigtime

It seems that Sean Horlor's recent piece on local right-wing Blogger Alex Tsakumis has created waves.

Mr Horlor now has altered his blog piece to saying 'just kidding' after naming Mr Tsakumis a closet case. Further Mr Horlor has totally eliminated from his original posting references to the weight of Mr Tsakumis.

Mr Horlor claims to be a communications expert but he obviously can't even stand by his own comments. How pathetic is that?

What a Sissy!

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 2:28 AM, Anonymous TDTC said...

I know for a fact he's shaken up right now. He can't understand why he has so many 'haters' as he likes to call them. Thought one had to be truly popular to have those. lol
Guess what he thought would be easy fame is now kicking him in the ass. He shouldn't backstab the community he claims to write about socially. Then one might take him seriously.
Close friends have been trying to give him honest advice, the boy claims to know better though. He knows what will work, kinda like his half ass tv show he keeps trying to push. The thing is, its just not that interesting. One has to be born with the gift of stardom, making it doesn't last and he isn't smart enough to keep it going.
Anyway, the old boy and his credit crunch are on their way to Montreal for a week. Wonder how much he is going to try and expense to Xtra for this shamble.


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