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Charlie Smith a Vancouver Treasure

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Vancouver, BC

Charlie Smith a Vancouver Treasure

Charlie Smith, a well respected and top notch Journalist currently the News Editor for the Georgia Straight is not as one Conservative Blogger states a 'left-wing loon'.

It also appears that a few right-wing Harperites who double as his blogging boys are royally pissed off that Charlie Smith in the recent online version of the Straight speculated about former Prime Minister Jean Chretien's health concerns. He speculated that if Mr Chretien were to die (a real possibility given the seriousness of the health matter related to Hon Chretien's brain) that the Liberals would probably get a boost in the polls as a result.

Mr Smith went on to articulate that it was in the best interests of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to wish Mr Chretien well and he believed his concern for the former Prime Minster to be sincere but that Mr Harper would also endear himself to the voters by extending well meaning sympathies to a very popular former Prime Minister.

The Bloggers got their feathers in a ruffle it seems over speculation that Mr Chretien could die but this doesn't seem unreasonable to point out.

In fact on many an occasion politicians with serious health issues have gone public. Many media outlets report on this all the time and there is often talk of impending death if the Leader has a serious health problem.

These blue-bloggers though are also calling the Georgia Straight a floundering paper but this is simply untrue.

The Straight has the highest readership in Vancouver including surpassing the declining readership of the two major dailies.

Charlie Smith as News Editor has to be given much of the credit regarding the Georgia Straight's high readership numbers so attacking him makes no sense.

In fact to add some perspective to this high readership issue, almost every Adult Industry Worker that I know advertises in the Straight because we are not dumb and realize the Straight provides the best potential when it comes to marketing of our services.

At one time the Yellow Pages carried most of the ads but workers came to realize they got the best bang for their buck with the Straight. And of course it goes without saying the best return on advertising dollars.

Another key point to mention is that the Straight has a higher GLBT readership than even the local queer press Xtrawest. This i think is also a testament to Charlie Smith's reaching out and covering stories of interest to the queer communities.

Simply put Charlie Smith is a Vancouver treasure!

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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