Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Political Interference

Downtown Eastside
June 9th, 2004

Well this federal election is really heating up. Scandal lurks right around the corner and if you turn the wrong way - Bam - the Bullies are steroided up and ready to stomp on freedom of speech rights.

In a unprecedented move, the City of Vancouver which is controlled by a council loyal to a current MP on the Eastside, is rising up and appears to be interfering in an close race being fought out on the mean streets of the Downtown Eastside.

DERA as the eldest organization with a 30 year history in the area has been informed by the city of Vancouver that its Chinese Seniors co-ordinator can no longer do asian translation services for any political/community organizing.

Interesting to note is that an all candidate meeting scheduled for Saturday June 12th at Carnegie Centre ( All Candidate meeting sponsored by DERA ) is not allowed to have its Chinese Seniors Co-Ordinator translate the meeting for the 30% asian membership that comprises DERA.

Logical minds, I think can deduce that perhaps a certain incumbent is feeling the heat and perhaps fears facing the wrath of a seniors population fed up with the shananingans of a neighbourhood in crises.

Saint or Self-Serving!!! Stay Tuned!!!!