Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 GONE but not FORGOTTEN

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Downtown Eastside

2005 GONE but not FORGOTTEN

Well, as expected 2005 came and went. I had a wonderful time celebrating New Years at Sash on the Drive. Around 50 of my cherished friends showed up and were entertained by our upbeat Birdcage Revue. Our Burlesque Showgirls and our Madam Goddesses who sat elegantly in the crowd, brought splendour to the evening. As a result 2005 which is now a yesteryear, remains forever etched in my memory.

One of the most elegantly tressed and dressed was Colleen Hardwick Nystedt, a local legend who was absolutely stunning in a floor length Halston beaded gown with an upswept hairdo and opera gloves reminiscent of the by-gone Hollywood glamour era. And who said, politicians and serious businesswomen which Hardwick Nysted happens to be, can't show their softer, romantic and beautiful side. Of course, Colleen was accompanied by the debonair Pete who was equally fashionable and handsome, however, it should be noted that Ms Hardwick Nystedt is allegedly still single.

Speaking of its raining Men, former IWA union head, Dave Haggard, attended and was well suited, looking anything but the blue collar guy so typical of union men. Dave was introduced by yours truly and welcomed the attendees. Mr. Haggard even shared with me that he has a couple of gay family members and so this wasn't a first for Mr. Haggard in terms of our unique show. Dave even allowed a photo to be taken with my glitzy feather boa wrapped around him. I loved this since Mr. Haggard is such a big burly man, yet obviously quite a hipster too.

Of course, the ever glamorous Sexologist, Ms Pega Ren, made an appearance, staying for the show and escorted by the handsome Daryl. Ms Ren has quickly made a name for herself on the Westcoast and many view her as the female version of Dan Savage, whose syndicated sex advice column is read throughout North America. Of course, Pega looked ravishing in red and brought sizzle to the room, which adds to her columns she is now penning.

My lovely showgirls, Mz Adrien and Ruby Stone danced and pranced the night away. Accompanied by yours truly, we shimmied and shaked for our audience. Of course, we accomplished this by keeping our clothes on as we bedazzled everyone with our beaded, and sequinned outfits. Burlesque Comedy was the order of the night and we served it up plenty, actually we stirred it to the max.

To the wonderful staff at Sash, including the ever entertaining Goddess DJ, Busy B, and owner, Faroooq, thank you for welcoming our brand of New Years. To the manager Debbie, I hoped you enjoyed the show. And to the handsome chef, Alex, thank you for those chicken wings. They added spice to the night. The room was elegant and captivating. Our New Years will not be forgotten. Thank You.

To start off the New Year, I kissed my good friend Ralph Ferrier, owner of Eternal Abundance Organic Food Store on Commercial Drive. Receiving an organic kiss was fun, although I'm told Ruby got much more! Obviously New Years brought her a big strong>Bang!

And never one to let me down, my amazing Sistah, former park board chair, Laura McDiarmid, returning after midnight from Whistler, shaked on the stage until the wee hours. I think Ms McDiarmid danced with everyone in Sash. Thank You Laura for driving Mz Adrien home in the stretch limo. It made her night.

To Mike, my spotlight man, now you know what its like to light a Goddess. Thank You my dear.

And Margaret, my grand-ma-mere, how wonderful to have you with us! And to be escorted home by two men, I can't wait until I get to the seven decade mark. It really is magical and I hope you did get your legs up later dear. You deserved it.

To Chris Shelly, the only man I know who teaches women studies, thank you for dropping by. Congrats on your Phd. Now I can call you Dr Shelly! Thank You for bringing your friend Susan. She is so beautifully political!

Francesca and Millie, thank you for being ditzy girls for me. Imagine! I sure do!

Mike Morgan, my media mogul, I knew you would like the number, you gotta have boobs. Luckily for you RM didn't have any!

And now its 2006. I'm ready and I hope my viewers are!


Jamie Lee Hamilton