Thursday, December 22, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


A week ago I wrote a piece called Libby has competition. That competition was to come in the form of one burly outspoken honest Union man, named Dave Haggard. The race in Van-East was certain to heat up and create sparks. My readers though sensed something different and threw cold water on my articulation.

My readers as they sometimes do pummeled me with private comments that I seemed to be supporting Dave Haggard over the popular and well respected Libby Davies. While I traditionally supported the likable Davies, in the last federal election, I opted for change. I believed Davies wasn't getting the results that Van-East deserved and I took a breather from Davies and instead supported Shirly Chan. Shirley is a family friend and someone I've known forever. I have the deepest admiration for her. Of course, my decision raised more than a few eyebrows, nevertheless, I didn't lose any of my cherished friends over my decision.

Libby has fought for the decriminalization of prostitution as I have. When I presented last year before the parliamentary committee on solicitation, I wasn't sure how Ms Davies would react to me since I had supported Shirley Chan over her in the previous election. But as usual Libby treated me with respect and went out of her way to thank me for reminding everyone about Cheryl Ann Joe who had been brutally murdered in the Downtown Eastside. Libby and I were both drawn to the issue of prostitution safety and reform because of the senseless slaughter of Cheryl Ann in 1991.

This federal election, I am taking a wait and see approach regarding whom I'm going to support. I do this because, after speaking with so many folks in the Downtown Eastside, many feel Libby has really made a difference for them. This fact I cannot ignore even though at times I have been frustrated over some of her decisions.

And then there is Hedy Fry. On Sunday night, I attended Hedy's Xmas party. All I can say is Hedy Oh Hedy! The Divalicious Hedy Fry really knows how to throw an event! I also had an opportunity to speak with Hedy about Libby. Hedy responded by reminding me how easily the two of them have worked together on the prostitution decriminalization issue and in fact, Hedy articulated how Libby's passionate voice really serves her constituents well. This comment by Dr Fry has provided me food for thought.

I'd like to really thank the Liberal party for providing a stellar candidate with traditional working class roots to take on Libby Davies in Van-East. Of course, I was pushing the party as everyone knows from my blog, for Dave Haggard. This race in Van-East I maintain will be a horse race, however if the Vancouver-East lawn signage is any indication, then I'd say all signs are pointing toward another Davies win.

As for me, I'm still getting used to Libby now being a Lesbian and as such, I hate sharing my stage in Van-East with another queer Diva. However, from one passionate queer activist to another and I might add it has taken time to call Davies this, I'm actually warming up to Davies being Out and have begun calling her LIBBYLicious to my friends.

As for who I am going to support in Van-East well it depends on how well LIBBYlicious does on that stage that I've been forced to share with her.

May we all strive for Peace in 2006. I started by making peace with the other woman. No No not that one but the one I'm sharing my stage with! But she better understand this, there may be room for two Queer Divas in Van-East but there is room for only one Queen!!!!

Jamie Lee Hamilton
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