Friday, September 21, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Well my B'day celebration last evening was a wonderful affair. Having your friends come together to celebrate your special day brings such joy. Mr. Mark James, who is such a busy man, running his hospitality empire, found time to stop by and bring his well wishes. This man is so sweet and does so much for this City. He donates to so many social causes and his Lotus Hotel is an institution which serves warm hospitality to all.

The evening also brought out some of my favorite politicians. Member of Parliament for Vancouver-Centre, Dr. Hedy Fry, brought birthday greetings and she was good natured as I worked her over on the mic. Hedy took it all in stride as I chatted about the men in her life. Hedy is a Diva and so it goes without saying that she is a magnet for men. But Hedy does some pretty amazing work and our Country is fortunate to have her advocating on behalf of the people. I'd love to see Hedy back in cabinet before she retires.

Of course never one to be outdone, City of Vancouver Councillor Suzanne Anton appeared, bringing a dozen long stemmed roses. Suzanne had a lovely entourage of Kerrisdale ladies with her and they livened up Lick as they boogied the evening away, celebrating in true style, Disco in the Village. Kerrisdale Lady-- Barbie Doll--was also sharing her birthday with me and this was so much fun. These Kerrisdale ladies were a blast! Thank You Ladies!

Later in the evening, the glamorous City Councillor, Elizabeth Ball majestically arrived with husband, Douglas. Councillor Ball looked lovely in her Chanel suit and red leather gloves. The gift of Mumm's Champagne that she presented was a lovely gesture and her beautiful words on the mic is a testament to how warm-hearted and genuine this woman is. Thank You Madame Ball for gracing our City!

My wonderful DJ, Marky Trademark kept the room jumping with his disco hits and of course, the drag artists who performed added to the festivities. Thank You to Sinder Starr, Moaning Lisa, Sabrina Ho, Stephanie Blaze and the breathtaking Iman.

My dear friends, Laura and Matt, sold raffle tickets which helped raise $200.00 for the A-STEP Aboriginal Youth Project that I am coordinating. Thank You Matt and Laura. And my events are never complete without the attendance of Colleen Nystedt Hardwick. I was happy that 24 Hours Columnist, Ian King won the beautiful Native Art. Congrats Ian!

I want to thank all my friends for stopping by and sharing this evening with me. You are all so special and you know I adore you all. To my treasured friend, Mr. Jim Deva, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with me on my special day. I love everything you stand for and everything you do. I love You!

Thank You to Jessy and Ethan of Lick, who took good care of my guests and ensured that we all had a splendid time.

And my birthday wish, as it always is, which is, that the Creator continues providing me the strength of spirit to continue to fight for those who often just need that simple gesture of caring and a voice who isn't afraid to speak out.

As long as I have my friends continued support, there is no better gift then that.

I'm off to bed.

Jamie Lee Hamilton