Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

An Open Letter

Dear Deputy Chief Lemcke. Let me take this opportunity to first congratulate you regarding your new promotion to Deputy Chief Constable of the Vancouver Police Department. I know you have all the necessary skills to be a terrific deputy Chief and our City is fortunate to have you and Chief Jim Chu at the helm providing and overseeing safety and security to the city residents.

It is with this safety and security in mind that I contact you.

I have received numerous complaints now of drug trafficking which is happening in District 1. What I have been informed is that a certain property which holds a City of Vancouver business license is being used as a trafficking hub for illicit drug distribution and trafficking.

What is actually more shocking is that the property is owned by the City of Vancouver and it is alleged that the business license operators are turning a blind eye to the alleged criminal activity being committed right before their eyes. Also quite appalling is that the City Council has directed staff to assist this business in finding a new location for its operations.

This drug trafficking must be investigated at once. While our City embraces a harm-reduction philosophy regarding drug use, the citizens though are not willing to accept drug trafficking which harms people without any consequences.

While certain bars and nightclubs have implemented a zero policy of criminal activity in their clubs and in fact, they are part of a program called bar watch, the Club though that I refer has done nothing to curb the illegal criminal activity happening within their business operation.

I hope that because this drug distribution centre fronts as a gay club that this doesn't scare off the police from properly investigating what amounts to parasitic criminal activity. Far too many people are being harmed and I ask you to follow up in regard to the allegation set forth before you.

As you know and which I remind you that Enforcement is part of the City's 4 Pillar and overall drug policy and it specifically states that if illicit activity is creating harm to people or a community, the police must investigate.

Thanks Deputy Chief Lemcke and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jamie Lee Hamilton