Monday, July 03, 2006


Vancouver-East Liberal Policy Forum: Have Your Say!
Tuesday, July 4, 2006
7:00 - 9:00pm

The Policy Dialogue Group of the Vancouver-East
Liberal Association wants to hear your ideas'
for the party, for the future, for our community.
We all know that, far too often, Van-East is used as
the example of what doesn't work in
Canada. We want to talk about that. But we also want
to discuss what does work and what will.

We can't just keep doing the same things and hope for
positive change.
So, in an open, public forum, we're asking for your
advice on three important things:

-- what do you think was the biggest issue for this
riding in the last federal election?
-- what new or improved federal program do you believe
could most directly benefit our
Vancouver-East community?
-- what is the most important national policy you want
for Canada?

Please come and share your ideas with us. Work with
other families and neighbours, local
businesses and organizations. Help us all create the
change we want to see.
And join with us Tuesday evening at
The Aboriginal Mother Centre
2019 Dundas Street, Vancouver, BC
V5L 1J5

July 4, 2006

Coffee AND SNACKS will be served

We'd like extend our thanks to the Aboriginal Mother
Centre for allowing us to use their meeting
space. Please visit their web-site, Aboriginal Mother
Centre Society, and learn more about their
important work.
If you're unable to be there, we'd appreciate it if
you could reply to this email with your own
good ideas. We promise to include them. And please
forward the invitation to others you believe
can also contribute to a pro-active, community-driven
dialogue. All are welcome.

Lea Johnson
Policy Chair, Policy Dialogue Group
Liberal Riding Association for Vancouver-East