Sunday, September 14, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Last night I attended Colleen Nystedt's big 50 at the venerable Billy Bishop legion in Kitsilano.

Colleen ran in the 2005 Vancouver municipal election and came close to winning. For the past three years, Ms Nystedt has moved beyond movie producing and created Movie Set dot com which has been winning awards all over the world.

Colleen looked absolutely gorgeous in a sparkling copper-beaded palette dress with matching copper heels. She danced the night away to the musical stylings of Dr Strangelove. Her equally fabulous daughters Kat and Shannon were present and dressed as glam as Mommy. Colleen's brother Doug Hardwick roasted Colleen and Garry Chalk was the event emcee.

In attendance were many fine folks. Jim O'dea who has created much of the social housing in this City attended and looked as handsome as ever. For the single women out there Mr O'dea confirms he has not had any more heart troubles since the minor attack in 1996.

I finally had the opportunity to meet Rory Richards, a friend of Colleen's who is the prima DIVA event planner and marketing genius of this City. What a lovely person, this, even though her former clients include friends of Larry Campbell and Jim Green's Mayoral campaign. Rory took me for a walk around the block of the Billy Bishop but my lips remain sealed as to our confidential talk.

Also attending was Lorne Mayencourt the MLA for Vancouver-Burrard, who is seeking a federal seat for the Conservative party in the October 14 election. Mr Mayencourt was escorted by the beautiful Tina Oliver, who is managing his campaign. Tina successfully managed Peter Ladner's recent Mayoral nomination. I learned that Tina's gay son who is attending Concordia University upon learning of Mom's new job wasn't exactly thrilled... He reminded Mother of the Conservatives stance on gay marriage, however, Tina claims that isn't the position of Lorne.

Also attending the Nystedt do was renowned artist Julie Burtinshaw. Julie had worked tirelessly on Peter Ladner's mayoral campaign. She and I caught up on things, especially surrounding the recent nasty NPA stuff. Consequently, I learned that Julie would not be providing much time to the Ladner campaign. We both wished though that all-around nice guy and Ladner confident Reg Tupper had come to Colleen's party.

Hadani Ditmars who is seeking a Vision nomination for park board was spotted dancing up a storm with Marc Schaper who is on the Jamie Lee Hamilton team. Hadani wore a black sequin number with lots of black toule. The dress was apparently her Mother's prom dress. Vintage I love Hadani but must you take away my boys for the whole evening!!!

The food was great, the music was incredible, the drinks warmed everyone up and Colleen Nystedt truly spiced up the evening.

From one DIVA to another, Colleen, Happy Birthday on Wednesday dear!

Jamie Lee Hamilton