Thursday, July 19, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Well a few days have passed and the media have been very sympathetic to the drunk driving Councillor, Tim Stevenson, who has been found guilty of impaired driving. Even a number of Mr. Stevenson's colleagues have been forgiving and haven't said anything meaningful about the plight of their friend.

The problems which are arising and which even the media are letting slip is the ramifications of Councillor Stevenson's criminal behavior. The judgement of Councillor Stevenson surrounding a number of issues related to his drunk driving conviction must be addressed and Mr. Stevenson owes it to the public to answer truthfully a number of concerns.

1) Did Councillor Stevenson intentionally deceive the public by not coming forward when he was charged back in May, 2006, a full 15 months after the incident happened?

2) Has Councillor Stevenson sought remedy for his now publicly known drinking problem?

3) Has Councillor Stevenson voted on any liquor issues at the City since being charged?

4) Has Councillor Stevenson requested a legal opinion on whether he might be considered in a conflict-of-interest or perceived conflict regarding his participation and voting on any liquor-related issue in the City of Vancouver?

This issue of a Councillor driving drunk is serious and isn't a minor misdemeanor. When an individual gets behind the wheel of a car knowing he is intoxicated, what he is doing is recklessly endangering the lives of other people and this is a very serious matter.

When former Member of Parliament, Svend Robinson was under investigation for jewellery theft, which didn't endanger the public, he did the honourable thing and resigned.

Vision Councillor George Chow and former Vision Mayor, now Senator, Larry Campbell, made light of their colleagues predicament by merely stating it was an unfortunate incident and disappointing.

This blogwriter sought an expert opinion from former COPE Councillor, Tim Louis, who is also a practising lawyer.

Mr. Louis was asked if he thought, Councillor Stevenson, was now in a conflict or perceived conflict-of-interest on liquor matters in the City. Mr. Louis, without hesitation said YES and that Councillor Stevenson should excuse himself from any and all votes relating to liquor matters in the City of Vancouver. Moreover, Councillor Louis thought it was an affront to voters that Councillor Stevenson kept his secret hidden from the public for as long as he did.

This whole incident of Councillor Stevenson recklessly endangering the public is scary. Yet his party hasn't stepped forward bringing its own concerns which surely they must have. Not doing so appears to demonstrate a clear lack of vision, especially around such serious matters as drunk driving.

Jamie Lee Hamilton