Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


So a Vancouver Police officer went into the Fox Adult theatre on an underground mission to gather evidence that the place was being used for casual hook-ups between Men and while there he noticed a pungent smell to the Theatre. The officer also took to the Internet observing ads on Craigslist which has a casual encounter section where adults place advertisements looking for other like minded folks to hook up with. The constable found a few ads where men advertised asking others to join them at the Fox.

Oh my all this information that the City's finest acquired and I wonder why?

It appears that some residents of the Mount Pleasant area have their nose out of joint because they live in an area which has a soft porn theatre and so they embarked on a campaign to rid the community of this old whore.

Interesting is that the Fox has been operating as a soft porn theatre for twenty-five years without any problem. Suddenly there is this purported problem and the City is being drawn in to determine its fate.

It will be interesting to see how the City handles this situation.

The major complaint appears to revolve around acts of indecency, according to the police who had one undercover officer there for one hour on one day and now the Police want it shut down.

It is interesting how the City will license gay steambaths where you can hook up and escort agencies also provide hook-ups and are licensed by the City yet this is apparently forbidden at the Fox.

If the City revokes the license of the Fox there possibly could be grounds of appeal especially on constitutional grounds.

Councillors Suzanne Anton, Heather Deal and Kerry Jang are expected to deal with this issue today and perhaps they might want to refer it to the whole of Council so there can be a proper community debate about kink activities in this City.

Jamie Lee Hamilton