Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

I received this post below on March 17. It went to my spam file and so I wasn't aware of it until today. I think the post is a genuine attempt to initiate dialogue so I've re-printed it here. Perhaps I went overboard in my critique since it is being alleged that the theft was committed by Aboriginal youth. My concern thouggh is that these youth maybe working in tandem with the APC Gang and that would really be sad.

Although I disagree on the action of stealing the Flag, in fact, I would rather see our youth sit down with VANOC organizers and share their stories, concerns and other matters related to the 2010 Olympics-- JLH

I thought you should know the web site in question(Harriet Nahannee) was set up by this young fellow:
A very thoughtful young man who is the anti-thesis of a "Gang Member".
And further more I have no doubt of the fact that Harriet would consider Dustin to be a valued member of the FN activist community. An example for other young people...
The youth are the future of First Nations,the FN community needs more youth as thoughtful and as engaged as Dustin Rivers.
There is a saying among many FN peoples the problem(when it comes to political and social activism within FN communities) is not with the youth or elders its with the olders..
I tried to send you a link to the "Wasase" so that your self and any interested readers would have a better idea of how many FN peoples define the concept Warrior and how it can help to rebuild FN communities and spirit.
The Warrior concept, is the ultimate act of respect.Its all about self responsibility,doing the right thing,helping and defending ones community etc etc...
But for some reason you chose to block my comment(s).A comment that was not an attack nor an unreasonable one. It was but an attempt to point out there is another side to the story that is valid ...
Anyway perhaps you might give it a once over...
Wasase is a very important book,I would recommend it to any one who wants to understand issues within the FN community.One need not agree with all aspects ,but one can not deny the truth and logic of the concepts explored.
Again if you read Dustins blog, his motivation and the motivations of those that took down the Olympic Flag are a bit more complexs than just that of hooligans or gang members.
And the late Harriet Nahanee would in all likelyhood have been proud to work with such motivated thoughtful young people as Dustin.
But this is not to say that youth are not in need of guidance at times nor that they can be rash on occassion. Such is the nature of youth. But the flag issue was not the dasterdly deed some would have us believe.Those that committed the act are not so easily dismissed.Compared to the gov double talk , stall and delay tactics when it comes to encaging with First Nations has been by far the more despicable and dishonest.

Dirk Buchholz