Friday, October 24, 2014

Vision Needs to Respect Meeting Participants

October 24, 2014 Attended last night the Killarney Community Centre's all-candidates meeting. Great crowd and lots of feisty seniors there. Well thought out questions and concerns being brought forward by them. I suspected the ruling Vision Vancouver candidates may receive a rough going but the audience was respectful to the Vision candidates but did not clap all evening to any of their answers. I was completely shocked though when Vision park Commissioner candidate Brent Granby called the crowd a bunch of conspiracy theorists. Very concerning when a number of Community Centre Presidents and Seniors took the time to attend the meeting and to be treated so disresectfully resulted in me calling Mr Granby out on this. I scolded him and the crowd loved me for it. I was further shocked as was the crowd when Mr Granby said that he supports their in some cases 60 year joint operating agreements to be negotiated through the courts. A number of Community Centres are in the courts because Vision gave them eviction notices if they did not sign off on the contracts Vision was trying to impose on them. Thae courts are no way to negotiate contracts and I'm very displeased that a party and let along a candidate would even suggest this. Jamie Lee Hamilton PARK BOARD CANDIDATE LikeLike · · Share