Monday, February 11, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


What is happening among electoral parties, is a trend to by-pass their members and appoint or green-light candidates thereby creating a system that is neither fair or democratic.

When party leaders or executive boards choose to appoint or green-light candidates, this sends a message to the members that their opinions don't matter. This is wrong-headed thinking, moreover, it excludes people who donate, purchase memberships and volunteer their valuable time to assist their party of choice.

Discarding the members concerns, effectively removes citizens from the democratic process and this is troubling.

Vision, the opposition municipal party has just embraced a position of allowing their executive board to appoint candidates and the NPA may even attempt this.

I spoke to Lea Johnson, who recently attempted to secure a nomination in the Liberal party to see what he has to say about the trend toward appointing candidates.

"Redesign and open up the nomination process to make nominating a candidate an exciting and engaging community event. Don't fall prey to the temptation to invoke appointments. Appointing candidates invites favourtism and corruption", stated Mr. Lea Johnson.

Couldn't have said it any better. Thanks Lea.

Jamie Lee Hamilton