Monday, May 15, 2006



The opposition councillors of Vision are once again demonstrating why Vancouverites chose not to return them to power as our municipal government.

Vision Councillors are bemoaning over our Mayor's articulation of assisting drug addicted sex trade workers via exploring the possibility of providing drug substitutes for their drug addiction. It appears the Vision bunch are Visionless and instead of articulating a plan to assist sex workers are resorting to attacking his worship, Mayor Sam Sullivan.

While I am not at this time in full agreement with Mayor Sullivan's plan, I nevertheless am comforted knowing his comments are igniting debate on how we address this serious problem of individuals in the sex trade who are substance misusers.

I recently wtrote a blog piece relating a few of my concerns. Since that piece appeared, I have met with Councillor Suzanne Anton and I plan on meeting with others as well as meeting with his worship, Sam Sullivan.

I think we can under the leadership of Mayor Sam Sullivan finally address the complexities surrounding the sex trade issue. At least, this Mayor is about to chart a course to get the ball rolling on this issue.

So far, Mayor Sullivan is leap years ahead of the Vision group who did NOTHING to address the sex trade issue in Vancouver. Kudos to the Mayor for caring and so soon after coming into office, rolling up his shirtsleeves and getting to the root of the problem at hand. Even if the Mayor has to have mud slung at him by Vision, he is willing to take the heat in order to perserve life and humanity.

Its tragic that the VISIONess group can't do the same!

Jamie Lee Hamilton