Thursday, September 02, 2004


Underbelly of Vancouver
Downtown Eastside

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Sent this to the Mayor 7 months ago - No response.

Prostitute Advocate Seeks Mayor' Summitt To Combat Crimes of Hate on Local Sex Trade Workers

Vancouver, BC

"Once again Vancouver has a black eye as prostitutes are left battered, bruised and beaten while the rampaging torture inflicted on them by serial sadists continues without any political action to combat these serious and henious crimes", claims Jamie Lee Hamilton, a well known sex trade worker advocate.

The City of Vancouver has the dubious reputation as the dirtiest,seediest and most violent city in the world when it comes to harm of prostitutes. To back up her claims, Hamilton cites the senseless slaughter and murders of over 60 women from the Downtown Eastside while political leaders made comments such as 'oh they just moved away' or 'we are not going to fund a Location service'. And now following on the worst serial killing in Canada is the fact that over 50 known sex workers in the Downtown Eastside once again have been brutally raped, tortured and maimed while Law officers stood by and refused to take action as prostitutes cried for help only to be informed 'well what do you expect-you agreed to provide services so it's not really rape' or 'you know how dangerous this scene is so why do you do it' or 'get out if you can't stand the heat'.

Says Hamilton, "Pathetic and Troubling is that NOT one officer, when it could have made a difference took the time to take a report or do follow up. Yet the city after the fact is embarking on a public relations campaign and is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to deflect what is sure to be ample calls of concern".

Hamilton poses these questions: Could these horrendous crimes have been prevented and subsequently lives saved? Can the city decrease violence against sex workers? Most importantly, can the city stop the organized commodification and degradation of Sex Trade workers?.

A public police inquiry would shed light but as we know from the Pickton case the police will hide behind the veil of protecting the rights of the accused and therefore prevent public inquiry' until after lengthy court cases are complete.

Jamie Lee Hamilton is calling for immediate action. The Mayor must strike a Summitt on Sex Trade Safety. This group should include representation from active sex workers, Councillors Roberts and Woodsworth, politicians and concerned community members. Failure to act will undoubtedly lead to further tragic harm.


For more info Jamie Lee Hamilton (604)781-3361