Friday, March 09, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Its really sad that a bunch of gang members who happen to be Aboriginal have laid claim to stealing the Olympic Flag. They call themselves Native Warriors Society but in reality they are not Warriors at all.

In fact, there is a group in Vancouver, called Warriors against Violence Society and they are a well respected organization who have been very instrumental in addressing Violence issues. Warriors against Violence Society which has been around since the mid 90's has also spawned the Women Warriors against Violence and Youth Warriors against Violence programs.

Warriors against Violence society was co-founded by Daniel Parker and Joe Fossella. These two men are Traditional men who believe in our Traditional ways. They do not believe Violence is an accepted Traditional way and in fact deplore their name being stolen and bastardized in such a way.

All these self-styled Warriors are is a Gang. They disrespect the name of the late Harriet Nahanee by claiming that their theft of the Olympic flag was to honour elder Harriet. If Harriet were alive, I'm certain that she would condemn the self-styled destructive actions of the Gang.

This Gang needs to disband and seek counselling. I'm certain the Warriors against Violence Society, can teach them more appropriate traditional ways to deal with their anger issues. Forming into a Gang and acting out criminally as these Gang members are doing is tarnishing our peaceful Aboriginal Communities.

Aboriginal Leaders must speak out and denounce this stupidity of stealing property. It clearly is not a supportable political action.

Jamie Lee Hamilton