Sunday, September 09, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Yesterday, I was invited to an end of summer fiesta at the home of Bryan and Patrick, owners of the Elbow Room cafe.

What a splendid Saturday evening it was. The food was amazing. Roast beef, Ham, salads, pickles, buns, you name it, the guests were fed well including a terrific cake served up by Patrick toward the end of the evening. Bryan continually reminded me that the Concierge of their building would be arriving soon and I needed to take it easy on him since he was quite shy. When Bill finally arrived, imagine my shock when 'Shy Bill' turns out it was none other than Bill Stock, who I have known for at least 25 years and hadn't seen for at least a decade. I wouldn't classify Bill as shy but he still looks amazing, after all these years! Thank You Bryan and Patrick for keeping me up so late to meet the hunky Concierge!

So many interesting people to chat with including Michael, the Paramedic, although his stance on treaty negotiations is a bit extreme for my liking. I wouldn't have a problem though being in an ambulance with him since I'm certain, his touch would be professionally union-maid!

So many terrific guests, including this fabulous woman from the west side who informed us that she was 60. She looks amazing and of course, I've asked her if she had any work done. She said No and this goes to show how 60 is really the new 40.

Speaking of 60/40, Bryan and Patrick are off on yet another Cruise. This must be at least the 40th one for these darling Gems. Good on them. The Elbow Room has been good to them, the community and Us so they have earned their many well-deserved rests. Although, Bryan informs me he keeps getting hit on by wealthy matrons on the ship. I replied to Bryan that its never to late to start a new career!

The Elbow Room has raised significant amounts of dough for A Loving Spoonful over the years and their volunteer work with Primetimers is extraordinary. Keep it up boys! Well you know what I mean!

If you haven't been to the the Elbow Room, check it out. The breakfasts are to die for, even if artery clogging, but then again Michael the Paramedic can take care of you. Visit

Best time to go is on the weekend but expect line-ups at this Vancouver hotspot! Keep in mind that Bryan and Patrick are sometimes away, especially if on one of their many trips.

Jamie Lee Hamilton