Monday, October 24, 2005


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Dear Viewers,

I thought I should write a history on Councillor Jim Green and myself. Since I am running for a political position and in my own right have many political accomplishments, and whereas I do not have the financial resurces of the American born Jim Green, and since, Mr. Green, has others to fund his malicious lawsuit, and whereas these resources of Green are being used in a manner to discredit me, I only have my blog to keep the electorate informed.

Here is a History of Jim Green and myself. I have put it into the context of a defence although my actual defence will focus solely on the particulars of the suit brought by the American Draft odger, Jim Green.

The defendant denies each and every allegation contained in the Statement of Claim, and puts the Plaintiffs to strict proof thereof.
The defendant says she was born and raised in Vancouver.
She is a Writer and a Prominent personality in Vancouver and in Canada.
She first met the plaintiff Green in 1984. She has never met the other plaintiff
Heather Deal.
The Defendant met the Plaintiff Green in a bar in the Downtown Eastside called the Regent. The plaintiff struck up a conversation with the defendant and asked if he could join her (she was sitting alone) and buy her a drink.
The plaintiff furthered the association by asking to see the defendant again. The defendant Hamilton did not have a phone and provided her mother's number and the Plantiff provided his.
Mr Green contacted Ms Hamilton again and took a special interest in her. Mr. Green knew the defendant was a performer working in Drag Bars and had undergone gender change. Mr. Green over the years in fact escorted Ms Hamilton to many Drag Shows and Gay Community Events.
In 1984, the plaintiff asked the defendant to come work as a Volunteer with an organization he headed up called the Downtown Eastside Residents Association (DERA). The defendant agreed. in return for her participation in DERA, the defendant was given a choice suite at a building the plaintiff was about to build. In fact, according to the defendant, she was taken to an empty site in 1984 near the waterfront and told she would be given a suite with a spectacular view in a soon to be constructed building.
The plaintiff in Feb 1985, assisted the defendant move into 638 Alexander and this began even more frequent visits to the defendant. Of course, during this time, he often called her (she had a phone now). The defendant, especially during 1986, assisted the plaintiff with demonstrations at inner-city hotels which were evicting tenants in favour of Expo tourists.
During this period, the relationship between the plaintiff and defendant changed. The defendant in late 1987, wanted to leave the building at 638 Alexander as the visits from the plaintiff had become difficult for her to handle. The defendant moved, however the plaintiff contacted her again and began coaxing her, to let him escort her around town to many gay events.
In fact, the defendant was working as a staff member for the Walk for Life (AIDS walk) in 1990 and the plaintiff asked if he could be a celebrity chef at the Walk. The defendant agreed. The day after the Walk, the defendant won the Miss Gay Vancouver Pageant (similar to beauty pageants) in September 1990.
The plaintiff contacted her again and asked her to help one of his organizers who was setting up a branch office of DERA on Granville street. The defendant agreed even though she was serving as Miss Gay Vancouver and had a busy schedule, travelling to various other cities in Canada and the USA. In October and November 1990, the defendant was requested to be the paid Maid af the home of the Plantiff's during his run for Mayor. After the plaintiiff's run for Mayor, he offerred the defendant a paid staff position at DERA. The defendant agreed.
At the Miss Gay Vancouver step-down of the defendant in 1991, the plaintiff arrived at the Gay Pageant and stayed the entire night, finally culminating in the defendant final walk of serving a year as Miss Gay Vancouver.
The plaintiff upon reaching the stage whispered into the ear of the defendant, "I'm here to escort my Queen" and with these words the plaintiff walked the defendant off the stage and the full length of the ballroom amid wild applause and a standing ovation from the 400 guests in
attendance to pay tribute to the Miss Gay Vancouver.
From 1990-1996, the defendant saw the plaintiff regularly, in fact working with him on a few projects.
In 1996, the defendant decided to run for a seat on City Council with the endorsement of the plaintiff. During the campaign, the defendant was feeling squeezed and decided to leave the campaign. The last time she saw the defendant was voting day in November
In 1997 the defendant was awarded Community Hero by Xtrawest a gay publication for her tireless social justice work.
The defendant began a political column on the web in 2004, where she writes about mainly civic politics and issues surrounding her neighborhood of the Downtown Eastside.
She has been cited by many respected journals for her writing style. These include the Vancouver Sun, the Straight, the Westender, the Courier, Calgary Herald and a local radio station. In
fact, a few of her stories prompted a number of mainstream papers to write feature length stories on unique stories the defendant raised.
On her web-blogs, the defendant has been critical of the plaintiff but only from a political perspective.
The defendant's writing can be best described as gritty by nature and witty by design.
The defendant hails from the Gay Subculture which has distinct language that they use. Historical evidence will back up that the community that the defendant belongs also is known for it's flamboyancy and often pushes buttons of which have formerly been taboo subjects. The community and the defendant are known for their colourfulness.
This community has a subculture which also has its own language. It has best been described as being sometimes Catty. This Cattiness though isn't intended to be mean. It is implemented more for its over the top language and shock value.
The plaintiffs have taken exception to 2 blog entries in the writings of the defendant as set out in paragraphs 15 and 16 of the Statement of Claim,
The plaintiffs Green and Deal are alleging that the defendant Hamilton in one of her postings is inferring that the plaintiffs are having an adulterous affair.
The defendant denies her writing implies this and once she received confirmation that the plaintiffs were upset over the blogs, and in a public way, apologized to the plaintiffs and took the blogs down.
At no time has the defendant libelled or smeared anyone. The defendant because she is also running for City Council and believes this lawsuit was brought about to reduce her opportunities in the November, 2005 municipal election.
Wherefore the defendant prays that the proceedings will be be dismissed with costs.

Jamie Lee Hamilton