Sunday, September 23, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Hi Friends

Since I turned 52 a few days ago, I have decided that I really need to start eating healthier. My eating habits are not that great. I actually have a fondness for Chinese food and tend to get chinese fast food almost daily at International Village which I must stop. The pounds have really packed on and I know this is not at all healthy.

My plan is to eat healthier. For me this means cooking more at home and sticking to a plan which incorporates good vegetables into my daily eating habits. I tend to like broccoli so most likely this will be a daily staple. I don't eat much red meat or pork and so I'm OK there. I primarily eat chicken and salmon. I am allergic to dairy products so this also will help and not caring much for bread will I'm certain enhance my diet. I already eat quite a bit of porridge so I'm also fortunate in this regard.

So every day, I will post on my blog what I have eaten for the day and what my exercise consisted of.

I have a baseline already regarding my weight and blood pressure so I suspect my healthier eating will improve these matters.

I host a monthly show at the Lotus so I will have a weigh-in on the last Wednesday of the month. I'll keep my readers informed of my weight loss progress. I don't need to share with my readers my actual current weight as I am ashamed of allowing myself to balloon so much. What will count though is achieving weight reduction which will considerably help to improve my overall health.

My readers are welcome to weigh-in, offer up suggestions of how my healthier plan can be enhanced and just to provide over-all comments.

Day one starts tomorrow, Monday, September, 24, 2007.

Jamie Lee Hamilton