Wednesday, September 29, 2004


September 29, 2004

Underbelly of Vancouver
Downtown Eastside


Hi All!

Tonite I was up at City Hall for the decision on Woodwards. I sat quietly and was happy to see that finally something was going to happen with Woodwards. The Westbank developer group won the bid and this was no surprise. Congratulations to Westbank and their partner the Portland Hotel society. And in the spirit of kindness, I must also commend Councilor Jim Green who has kept the Woodwards Dream alive.

After the meeting ended Councilor Tim Stevenson and I were engaged in a private conversation, when Geoff Meggs, the Mayor's Chief-Of-Staff walked up to me and in front of Councilor Stevenson accused me of writing libellous remarks in my http://downtowneastside.blogspot diary. I asked My Meggs what the hell he was referring to. He replied by saying I had written statements that bordered on libel regarding Councilor Green. I informed Mr Meggs that if he actually believed this, than he and his buddy Jim Green could take legal action against me.

I asked Mr Meggs why he was in receipt of my blog since he isn't on my mailing list. But even Mr Meggs loves a good column and Underbelly News obviously provides Mr Meggs with some amusement. He commented that my blog is going all over the city and everyone is reading it. I must be getting to those lefties at City Hall, since Tim Stevenson was also concerned over an article I had written. Moreover, Mayor Campbell upon my entry tonite at City Hall commented to me that he heard I had become a member of the NPA. I guess these leftist guys at City Hall are fixated on my activities. I wonder why?

Mr Stevenson though never tried to imtimidate me as Mr Meggs did. Mr Stevenson even invited me out to a lunch to talk about points I had raised in the column. I even accepted as I am personally very fond of Councilor Tim as I call him. However, I have decided to cancel lunch as I am not certain how sincere the offer was. Especially more so in light of Mr Meggs accusations.

So is everyone wondering which column it is that supposedly has upset Councilor Green and his lackey Meggs. Well its my September 3, 2004 column. Go have a look to see how unlibelous it really is.

PS Mr Meggs, if you and your other cronies at City Hall can't stand my writing, just tune me out. After all, noone is saying you must read my blog.

Jamie Lee Hamilton
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