Thursday, February 24, 2005


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Downtown Eastside


Hi All!

Did you see Charlie Smith's article today, where Mr Smith names names. He presents supporters of Mayor Campbell, also as being supporters of Premier Gordon Campbell.

So after reading the story, I too am somewhat shocked and so I took other names of supporters on Larry Campbell's website and have posed some questions regarding their coalition with the BC LIBERALS.
Enjoy the post folks!

I wonder how it feels for those supposed socialists and progressives like Roberta McCann, Mathew Hawken, Gary Jobin, Linda Mix and Margaret Birrell to be on Larry's A list alongside prominent BC Liberals?
With those same BC Liberals who closed residential tenancy offices (Linda Mix hear ye hear ye).

What about the fact the BC Libs who rewrote the labour act (oh hear ye oh hear ye, Roberta-Jim Green's wife) and Roberta's son--Mathew Hawken, a proud union ironworker and whose father is legendary folk singer, labour activist and Socialist Tom Hawken--how you must feel so proud? I wonder if your father does as well?

And what about you Gary Jobin, the downtown eastside aboriginal activist who heads a program called Bladerunners for unskilled native labourers in the DE. I wonder how you feel being aligned with supporters of Gordon Campbell who have repeatedly called for referendums on Native Land Claims and chopped funding for the native storefront?

Its amazing how people are willing to be used and worse, selling out their own constituencies in the process. All for what, a listing on the Mayor's website?

Oh Margaret Birrell, nearly forgot about her. I don't know how since I do have the greatest respect for her. One wonders though how this prominent activist for the disabled community, stands being part of Larry's friends, knowing Gordo's friends are now in coalition with her?

Knowing how you have embraced this broad coalition, must give you activists, some happy thoughts?
But how do you sleep at night? Surely you must all remember how Premier Gordon Campbell chopped disabled persons from the welfare rolls and cut their supports. Or how his cabinet closed women's centres, shelters and turfed the mentally ill into our streets. Surely you must remember all this?

But a really troubling question is this. How does it feel being featured on a website with Premier Gordon Campbell supporters? And how do you sleep at night?

Jamie Lee Hamilton