Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Vancouver Park Board News

Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


CKNW is reporting that all three female Vancouver Park Commissioners were nominated last night for Chair and all three refused their nominations.

This is sad especially since Loretta Woodcock is soon retiring from her job and is the longest serving Park Commissioner.

We want more female Leaders but the actions of the three send a mixed message to potential women considering entering politics.

I suspect the nominations were refused by the women because they came from Park Commissioners not affiliated with their parties and this shows why we need less partisanship at Park Board.

It does not serve the public interest in having these sorts of partisan games being played out.

The Chair is now Aaron Jasper who served as Chair last year and has presided over some of the worst cuts at Park Board.

On another note a Park Caretaker was sharing with me the other day how when he went to close the washrooms at the park field-house he cares for when he observed a Male in the Female washroom.

This had the potential for a female entering the washroom to be hurt and demonstrates again why we need caretakers in our parks.

The presence of park caretakers will ward off potential predators and we need to ensure safety for children and women in our parks.

With 40 or so field-houses without park caretakers it is time for this bad decision to be reviewed and reversed.

Jamie Lee Hamilton