Wednesday, February 15, 2006



Hi All,

Many groups after the Pickton farm murders took place, decided to also cash in. Many do gooders (also called advocates) attempt to work with sex trade workers in exiting programs. Often these groups are non accountable and not very transparent. They often voice they must follow confidentiality clauses because the issue and those in the sex trade are vulnerable. Of course we know sex trade workers are vulnerable. This confidentiality allows many groups to deflect scrutiny. Often providing them with jobs and a free ride.

Sex Workers on the stroll often do not glean long-term benefit from these support groups. Violence is still a constant norm on the street. Things are still as they were pre Pickton and this is extremely troubling.

Recently, the newest group to form is called LIC, which stands for Living In Community. A student Amie Anderson has written a piece on this new entity. I have posted the link to Amie's well written piece down below. I think the report shines a light on how many of these groups struggle with accountability and transparency issues. As a result many sex workers continue to be left out in the cold, without appropriate advocacy.

Jamie Lee Hamilton