Friday, May 12, 2006

ONLY at the ONLY

ONLY at the ONLY

Today, I met with City Councillor Suzanne Anton and former Park Board Commissioner, Laura McDiarmid, to discuss issues related to the sex trade. Our fish n chip lunch at the Only of course only added to the ambience.

Suzanne Anton is a politician who is deeply committed to hearing people's opinions. She doesn't care where you come from, what you do, or what your politics are. She is willing to listen to reason and will make her decisions based on knowledge. She is a treasure and our City is fortunate to have her on Council. I must say that I was happy to endorse Ms Anton during the Nov 2005 municipal election and her performance so far has left me impressed.

During the lunch, an individual came in and said he recognized me but didn't seem to know my other two guests. Of course, Laura was only too pleased to introduce us all. After Laura and Suzanne left, I found out who this esteemed man is. I stayed behind to finish my soup and was engaging in a coversation with this respected Dr. who I admire for his work and find him to be a true visionary in our country.

Dr. Garson Romalis asked me my opinion on Heroin being supplied to Drug Users. I offerred my thoughts and we had a short but meaningful conversation.

As they say, you can bump into every class of individual at the Only and today was no exception. To meet Dr Romalis while lunching with popular City Councillor, Suzanne Anton made my day! And it could only happen at the Only!

Jamie Lee Hamilton