Tuesday, August 02, 2005

DOESN"T NO mean NO??

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Here is a letter to the editor from Connie Fogal. It wasn't printed so Connie allowed me permission to post on my blog.


From: Connie Fogal, former COPE Park Commissioner
3570 Hull St Vancouver BC V5N4R9 604 872 2128

To : Letters to the Editor Georgia Straight

Re Straight Talk
Issue July 21 to 28

Doesn't No Mean No??? On July 13, 2005, the COPE membership voted 123
96 against a proposed alliance with Jim Green's hostile takeover of
via Vision Vancouver. Yet the subsequent COPE news release following
private membership meeting stated that negotiations will continue with
Green's group.The direction of Jim Green supported by Libby Davies and
Jenny Kwan (who have been architects with Jim Green in derailing the
COPE since about 1991) negates the philosophy of the classic COPE . It
not what the membership wants. So why does the current COPE
leadership continue to pursue the death knell? Probably it is the fear
the loss of union funds controlled by the leadership behind the Green
group. But when union or party leadership loses touch with its members,
fails/ refuses to act in the interest of its members, they are no good
us. The union-Green side lied about gambling and transit promises, and
otherwise voted contrary to the interest of their members and citizens
generally. Compromise with the Devil can never be a benefit.

Money is always a vital issue for democracy in a political campaign. To
eliminate the power and control of the money providers, COPE classic
should follow the federal government rules and call for a bylaw
disallowing political donations over $5,000.00 per individual ,
per union, and $1,000.00 per corporation, and paying from the tax base
sum of $1.75 per vote per party or independent (but differing from the
by demanding no threshold on the number of votes received.)

Let Cadman be the COPE mayorality candidate on a six member classic
council slate, and thereby restore a point and honour to the voters'

Yours truly,

Connie Fogal (Rankin), former COPE Parks Board Commissioner, and
spokesperson for Citizens Against Gambling


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


I was shocked to hear of the news that our potty mouthed exhausted old party boy of a Mayor has been appointed to the senate.

Senator Campbell as he shall henceforth be known, hasn't displayed the skills one would think a Senator should posses. Instead of building bridges, Mr Campbell, burns them. Just ask any of his former allies sitting on Council. For that matter ask his former appointment to the police board, Ms Kelly MacDonald, who he brow-beated to death when she didn't go along with his treasonous ways.

While Mayor Campbell will crow about his popularity, and what a terrific job he did in his short-lived role as Vancouver Mayor, his ability to work well with others and his record of public office doesn't back up his wayward claim.

Remember, this is the man who left a whopping debt in his wake after his departure from COPE, the party which financially backed him, supported him and ultimately bore the brunt of his whopper-size ego.

So what happens when Mayor Campbell takes his seat as the Liberal Senator from BC. Since Senators are appointed for life or until they reach the mandatory retirement age of 75, expect Mr Campbell when he doesn't get his way, to pack his bags and cross the floor to sit as a Independent Senator. If federal Liberals don't believe this will happen, just watch and see. His track record confirms this. Although it should be comical when Senator Campbell deadpans that the Liberals are not centrist enough for his liking.

So while Prime Minister Martin believes he has added another Liberal Senator and while there is no doubt Mr Campbell will set the Senate chamber on fire, unfortunately, the flames will come as a result of his alcohol induced outbursts. And as we know from his reign of terror, anyone who gets in his way better watch out!

Larry Campbell's appointment is most unsenator-like and Prime Minister Martin should be spanked for displaying this careless disregard for the citizens of Canada.

Jamie Lee Hamilton