Thursday, November 06, 2014

Politiicians who Weasel out of taking a Position

November 6, 2014 Something really peeved me tonight at the Hastings Community Centre Association all-candidate meeting. First though I would really like to thank the moderator Patricia Coutts who is President of the HCCA and Rolf Tevely the past President. They did a great job organizing the meeting and ensuring civility. The issue which irked me was this one. In July 2014 Park Board held a number of public meetings on the Whale and Dolphin captivity issue. Two NPA Commissioners Melissa DeGenova and John Coupar did not attend these meetings. Commissioner Coupar cited that he had a conflict of interest and Ms DeGenova claimed she had a pre-planned trip to Paris. It should be noted that Commissioners have the whole month of August off with pay and so they should be attending meetings in July. Anyway tonight one of the last questions was posed by a member Errol Povah of the Sea Shepard Society on the question of Cetacean captivity. He directed the question to the NPA. and some other candidates. I was sitting close to Melissa DeGenova and watched her madly writing down notes and I overheard her say to her NPA running mate to take the question as she pushed her written notes toward him and to no surprise he began reading her notes. This is so insulting to voters since Ms DeGenova and Mr Coupar clearly did not desire to address the issue of Cetacean captivity because they are supported by the Aquarium and they know the keeping and breeding of Cetaceans is a controversial one. So it is one thing to worm out of taking a position but why does Melissa think she can now express an opinion on Cetacean captivity through someone else? As people know I'm a Parkboard watchdog and attend most meetings. The issue of Cetacean captivity and breeding came back for a full Park Board vote in September and of course Commissioner DeGenova was back from Paris. The motion was read and Commissioner Coupar cited again his conflict of interest which is his right to declare conflict. So what did Ms DeGenova do? Well she ran from the room so she wouldn't be required to take a position on the vote. And I ask you is this the type of person you want as a City Councillor? Jamie Lee Hamilton ..