Tuesday, January 23, 2007

GETTING the STORY behind the STORY

GETTING the STORY behind the STORY
Lies and More Lies

Hi folks,

As promised, I planned on bringing you the stories behind the stories regarding the Pickton Farm Carnage.

Only into its second day of trial, and already someone connected to this case has lied to the media in efforts, obviously to once again, insert himself into the news as the savior of one of the murdered women of the DTES. Or possibly quite all.

In fact, yesterday, retired CKNW broadcaster, Peter Warren, on the Bill Good show, painted criminal Wayne Leng as someone who really did wonders for this case. Mr. Warren went on to articulate that to date Not one John has come forward to talk about this case. Hmmmmmmmm. That was a stretch indeed as you will read further down.

Here's another fabricated stretch and this time it comes courtesy of the Belfast Telegraph.

In the Belfast Telegraph, Mr. Wayne Leng informs that he was the lover and boyfriend of Sarah DeVries. See the story here. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/article2175833.ece

The Belfast Telegraph got it wrong. Here is the truth.

Wayne Leng was a customer of many Downtown Eastside survival sex trade workers. Ok, I'm being benevolent. He was a John who routinely drove the DTES seeking out women for his carnal pleasures. Some might even call him a predator who had a thing for drug-addicted survival sex workers. He definitely had a fixation on Sarah Devries, who was at least 30 years younger than him

Mr. Leng admits to a Vancouver Sun reporter in 2000 that he started out as a trick to Ms Devries. He freely admits to providing her drugs. He goes on to claim that he does this for altruism reasons. He says it was to prevent her from getting sick. In that same article he claims that they stopped having sex in 1995.

Guys who did what Leng did to Sarak Devries is done simply so they can have power over someone. Its easier for them to control and manipulate that person. Easier to engage them in degrading acts.

Yet, he now claims to have been her boyfriend and lover and this makes me want to puke. You see Ms Devries had a boyfriend at the time that she went missing and it certainly wasn't Mr. Leng. I disclose this fact, because I know there were many players who had access to the Pickton farm. Many of the people who had access or are connected to others who had access. Mr. Leng is one of them.

As a result, I ask people to watch this trial carefully. What you will hear or read, especially when the Defence takes centre stage is how many of these people out at the Pickton farm (not the murdered sex trade workers) were dysfunctional and many of their actions, speak of betrayal, deceit, lies, blackmail, intimidation, threats and violence. Many are extremely troubled individuals. Some are even psychopaths and sociopaths

Of course one of these scary individuals is Mr. Leng who for some reason, suddenly left Vancouver, Canada at the height of the missing women's cases. He resides now in Los Angeles, USA.

There is much more known about Wayne Leng but I only offer up the afore-mentioned because in its contextual form, it provides a snapshot of what was taking place on the farm in Port Coquitlam also routinely takes place in the Downtown Eastside. Men like Mr. Leng are a normal staple in the Downtown Eastside and this is why so many vulnerable women are at risk.

Jamie Lee Hamilton