Tuesday, May 30, 2006



Oh well the NPA and Aquarium got its wish tonite which is the expansion of the Aquarium. It is really too bad that the public will now not have a say in this expansion. Talk about Autocratic rule. And quite frankly, this is an affront to the wishes of the majority of Vancouver citizens who do not want an expansion of the Aquarium. Vancouverites have on numerous occassions stated they didn't wish to have any expansion of the Aquarium.

The only members of the public speaking in support of the Aquarium were those directly involved with the Aquarium in some capacity. This is hardly a fair representation of the public. On the other hand, members speaking Out against the expansion were a true reflection of Vancouver's citizenry. Moreover, people from all political parties, even the NPA, attended and voiced their unhappiness over the Aquarium's plan to steal another acre of our beloved Jewel.

For the NPA to use arguments such as the public wants this expansion and it confirms this through Aquarium gate receipts is sad. Should tourists dictate what is in the public interest of Vancouver citizens? If this is the best the NPA and Aquarium can come up with then we really are in trouble in terms of development in this city.

Further, for Dr John Nightengale , chairman of the Aquarium, to use children of this city as he did tonite in his closing arguments, to suggest that they are in favour of the Aquarium expansion is really sad. To exploit children in this fashion is really distorted thinking in its worst form. You and I both know that children do not have the abilities to understand the complexities of what the Aquarium expansion development may mean.

I'm certain the citizens who are allowed to vote in this city will make the NPA pay for this misdeed come our next election. I don't believe for a moment in 2 1/2 years that this issue will go away. I personally will do my best to keep it alive if I can.

Stay tuned folks for what will become a very public battle.

Jamie Lee Hamilton