Friday, August 04, 2006



Hi Friends!

Please join our No Trademark Campaign and march with us in the Pride
parade on Sunday August 6.

Our float will start from Denman and Robson streets.
Our parade entry number is Number 115 and all spots
are marked and you can look for our Vintage Bubble
Gum Blue truck. Refreshments and Fried Chicken will
be supplied from the truck, courtesy of Mark James of
the Lotus Hotel and Mark Townsend of the Portland
Community Services.

Shirley Chan who wrote the first ever Mayoral Pride
Proclamation in Canada, twenty five years ago, will be
marching with us and I'm extremely proud of this.

We need assistance to help put the float together on
Sunday morning. We will be decorating at 9:30 am
across from Nelson Park (Bute and Comox) in front of
the Mole Hill houses. If any of you are up early and
want to join us in putting our float together, you are
more than welcome to join us. Muffins and Coffee will
be served.

If you are only able to do the parade please be at
Denman and Robson no later than 11:30 am. The parade
starts at noon.

Wear sunscreen, bring a whistle, wear a favorite retro
outfit, come casual or just smile and wave to the
thousands who line denman st and beach avenue. It will
be a most enjoyable afternoon.

My cell will be on if you need to reach me. My mobile
# is (778) 235-3677

See you on Sunday! Remember we are #115. Little
Sisters is #107 so we are close together. It seems we
have both been pushed to the back of the bus, I mean
parade for our positions on No Trademarking.

Let us Celebrate Pride and Joy - No Trademark!

Visit our website for details on our campaign.

Sincere thanks go to our web designer/master who designed the No Trademark website and has been busy updating it. He wishes to remain anonymous and we salute him for all his hard work!


Jamie Lee

"I believe you change the world One man at a time"