Thursday, June 07, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


As the Pickton trial unfolds and we hear from various individuals who were at the farm, questions keep arising for the public of whodunit.

In this week's testimony, Mr. Pat Casanova, who was a friend of Mr. Pickton and who had regular contact at the Pickton farm, in fact, Mr. Casanova and Mr. Pickton worked together in slaughtering and butchering pigs.

Mr. Casanova states that he had sex with a variety of marginalized women whose DNA and other remains were at the farm.

Mr. Casanova during the Pickton preliminary hearing omitted the fact that he had sex with Andrea Joesbury (Angel) in Mr. Pickton's bedroom. Ms Joesbury was murdered at or near the Pickton property. Mr. Casanova admitted in police statements and the preliminary hearing that he had access to the freezer in 2001 and 2002, where the heads, hands and feet of Ms Joesbury and Serena Abotsway were eventually found.

Under cross-examination, Mr. Casanova, upon questioning by Mr. Adrian Brooks, legal counsel for Mr. Pickton, admits to changing his story and now states he didn't use the freezer where the remains of Joesbury and Abotsway were discovered.

Upon questioning, Pat Casanova admits that he didn't during questioning by the police ( Mr. Casanova was arrested but never charged in the murders) inform the police of his payment to have sex with Andrea Joesbury. Moreover, in this current trial, Mr. Casanova has changed his story and freely admits he doesn't want others to think he had anything to do with that freezer.

Many citizens are of the belief that other individuals beside Mr. Pickton are responsible for the untold killings of many women whose DNA was re-covered at the farm. Yet, only one man has been charged and citizens are wondering why.

While it may create quite the shake-up, I believe that others, because of their involvement or knowledge of happenings on the Pickton farm, should also be charged with what are arguably the worst serial and heinous mass murders ever to take place in Canada.

Other charges must be brought. To not do so will result in a complete failure of of our justice system and will tarnish forever, the image of our supposed great country.

Jamie Lee Hamilton