Monday, July 24, 2006



Hi All

I posted this quote below which someone had posted to my downtown eastside blog on ARE THE GAY OWNERS OF F212 GOING TO FAR?

It demonstrates to me how the Oppressed (gay male) becomes the Oppressor. Read through his rant and you will see how he misses key elements of my original post about a Gay tourist Hotel kicking out poor people in order to make a buck. He goes on to claim that his rights to engage is a sexual environment trumps other basic human rights. He then muddles everything by comparing a business out to make money to religious/political/cultural groups. He claims its ok to segregate. That was a big stretch in itself. In any event, I thought I should provide him a soapbox since it provides me another opportunity to inform and educate--Jamie Lee

"What is being overlooked is the simple fact that there is an apparent need for such an establishment. The activities that will be or are hopes will be performed at this (supposedly)all male hotel are those which others (being not in the same cultural cirle) may disaprove of and condemn. Becuase there are men that wish to engage in these activities and because there needs to be a venue for the said activities, such a conversion is logical.
As to the supposed discrimination or segregation propagated by this action. A simple solution is suggested. GET A LIFE. Not every event is nor should it be open to all memebers of a aggregate of people (lets call said aggregate Society). There are events to which i ahve no access because i am not part of a social/political/religious or other circle. There are things that i am excluded from becaue i donot wish to participate or want to exlude others because I do not wish to see others participate (for whatever personal reasons).
If the owners of F212 have the money and the clientel to put together such a business on private property, then who are you to critisise their chosen use of their property. The problem of spaces for the poor is not solved by imposing it upon private business, but should be addressed on teh government lever by those elected to serve the good of society (all of it) not only those with money who support campaigns. Low income housing is a provincial/municipal responsiblity, not the business owners.
Perhaps you would like to think your comments through a little better next time".

Posted by Anonymous to Downtown Eastside