Friday, June 11, 2004

DE Blog/ Aboriginal Social

June 11, 2004

Election Update/Aboriginal Social

I was invited to attend Shirley Chan's aboriginal social last night. My family roots go way back in the Frieendship centre as my mother was a founding member in the 50's. Its always a pleasure to be at the Friendship centre.

Expecting to see perhaps 50 or 60 people, but upon entering the centre, I was suprised to see over 600 urban aboriginals in attendance. Noteworthy in their attendance and support of SHIRLEY CHAN was Aboriginal Hero, Chief ELIJAH HARPER, Burrard Band Chief, LEONARD GEORGE and United Native Nations leader GOERGE HOLMAN. Past executive director WAYNE CLARK was also present. Obviously MS CHAN is courting the aboriginal vote in the riding. She gave a rousing speech and wooed the crowd. Good on you Shirley!!!!

On a persona level I was delighted when Shirley Chan invited me to have my picture taken with her, Leonard George, Elijah Harper and George Holman. Its a momento I will treasure forever. Thank you Shirley!!

Tomorrow June 12th, I will be attending the DERA all candidate meeting at Carnegie. Start time is noon. I'm certain juicy tidbits will flow from this meeting. Stay Tuned!!

Coming soon, an exclusive interview with CONNIE FOGAL-RANKIN. Fogal-Rankin is running in this election as leader of CAP. Ms Fogal-Rankin is the widow of legendary and popular City Councillor HARRY RANKIN.

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Say Anything Libby

June 11, 2004

Downtown Eastside
Vancouver BC


Wow this blogging is getting fun. You know its silly season when a candidate will say or do anything to get elected.

A recent glaring example of this is Van-East MP, Libby Davies.

On her MP website in her bio section she presents her "late husband" being together with her for 24 years. Yet in the gay community paper XtraWest, in an article of June 10, 2004, Ms Davies claims she's never been married. Mmmmmm interesting!!

Saint or Self-Serving. June 28th will tell.

Jamie Lee Hamilton
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