Thursday, July 14, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Last night COPE members rejected an offer put forward by their executive to anoint Jim Green as their Mayoral candidate. Members voted 123-96 not to entertain the motion put forward around unity with the Friends of Larry Campbell now called Jim Green's Vision Vancouver.

Jim Green in his usual style was too much of a coward to attend the meeting. He had his wife Roberta McCann attempt to negotiate the deal last week. Despite the best efforts of elected politicians Libby Davies, Jenny Kwan, David Chudnovsky and certain labour heads, promoting Jim Green for Mayor, the deal was rejected.

Internal sources confirm that Councillor Tim Louis gave a barn-burner of a speech against the Jim Green merger plans. The rank and file heartily endorsed Councillor Louis' vision.

The vote last night solidified support within the party for Tim Louis. He emerged as the new defacto leader of COPE. While Frances Bula and Allen Garr of the Courier continue to pick on Tim, I find his style refreshing in politics. He states what he believes. No smoke and mirrors with him. He has overcome a lot of adversity in life and this is why I admire him. His many accomplishments for the disabled community and those living in poverty is beyond compare.

I think our City benefits from having someone like Tim Louis on council. Just like it did with the late Harry Rankin. Its up to the opposition party to work with Mr Louis rather than against him.

Citizens from every walk of life need political representation. With Tim Louis they are assured of having a Voice in our city.

Citizens should be ever mindful and thankful that Councillor Tim Louis just saved our city from being destroyed by Jim Green.

Bravo Tim!

Jamie Lee Hamilton